No Use Crying Over Spilled Coffee

Today is Day 9 of the Health Activists Writers Month Challenge

Today’s Challenge: As a parent with health conditions or a parent to a child(ren) with health conditions, what do you hope you’re doing right?

I am having a difficult time with this one today. Many other days I would bust out a list about teaching my kids the best way to manage diabetes, be responsible with homework, be responsible with money, teaching them to treat others with kindness and not judge people. I would say that I hope I have helped my kids believe in themselves, treat themselves with kindness, like who they are. I hope I am teaching them to eat healthy, exercise, and avoid bad health habits. I hope I am allowing them to be themselves, and recognize how strong and brave and smart they are. I think I am doing those things – some days better than others.

Today as I cry over my spilled coffee. No I didn’t spill my coffee – my coffee maker decided (which it sometimes does) to leak all over the counter, down into the silverware drawer and onto the floor. An entire pot of dark, dirty delicious Sumatra everywhere but in my cup. I’m not crying over the mess or the fact that I will need to wait another 7 minutes for a cup of coffee. I’m crying because of the things I can’t control. Sometimes even when I think I have done everything right with this damn expensive coffee maker the shit still spills over.

coffeephoto Even with all the best tools (my coffee maker is a top brand and was costly) and all the best ingredients (come on is there a better coffee than the dark dirty deliciousness of Starbucks Sumatra – ok maybe the Tribute blend that is only available in March and April or the Christmas blend that is only available during the holidays – both of those btw are blended with aged Sumatra – so really Sumatra is the best) – sorry I digressed – even with all the best tools and ingredients shit can still spill over and ruin our mornings, nights, mid afternoons and random Wednesdays. Clearly I am not talking about coffee blends or overpriced coffee makers – although I’m also obviously obsessing over my spilled coffee and the fact that I still don’t have a cup. I’m talking about all the tools and drugs we use to manage diabetes.

So while I hope I’m getting most everything right I also hope that on the days things don’t go as planned I hope I’m handling it well and teaching my kids to wipe up the mess, brew another pot and maybe not cry over spilled coffee.



Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off To Pin I Go

Day 16 Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge

Today’s prompt was to create a pinterest board for my health focus. Pin 3 as many pins as I feel are appropriate. What did you pin? Share the images in a post (hope you aren’t breaking some copy right law) and explain why you chose them.

I love Pinterest. I mean I really love Pinterest. I have collected a plethora of fabulous ideas for: teaching (although I am not currently teaching full time – Ill be set when I go back), cooking (I have used these pins), organizing (I haven’t used these), crafting (used some) and of course laughter – so much laughter available on pinterest.

Unlike my home or my life I have organized my boards. I have: Products I love, Makes Me Think, My Style, Books I Love, Things I Want to Try, Recipes I Want to Try, Classroom Ideas, Makes me Giggle, All Things Harry Potter and now Health Focus. Some of the pins overlap and thus are pined to multiple boards. The Pins I currently included on my Health Focus board came from other boards. I did first try to search “diabetes” to see if there were pins out there I wanted to include but most that came back were jokes about how John has diabetes – I hate that pin.

So without further adue here are the pins I choose to include on my Health Focus board:

You may recognize this gem from my homepage. It is my favorite pin. It is something that I try to remember daily and share with others. You will see it again on the 26th.
Another absolute favorite –
“Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things,
and no good thing ever dies” Shawshank Redemption
(No I can’t make it through a blog post without including a movie reference)
I NEED this as a key chain or necklace and my birthday is coming –
feel free to tweet my hubby @Durbur with a link.
I often feel scared, weak and not so smart – It is nice to be reminded that what I think of myself and who I really am are not always the same.
Thnak you Winnie the Pooh for all your wisdom.
Do this everyday.
Never argue with John Wayne
I used to believe that courage was not being afraid. I was wrong.
In the last few years I have learned that:
“Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to act in the presence of it”
Bruce Lee (also a man not frequently argued with)

I will not pretend that I have my crud together all the time. I will not pretend I can do all that must be done for my children, my home and my husband all by myself all the time (even though I try and asking for help is very difficult for me). I stumble and fall often, I get overwhelmed, I am so very tired so much of the time and when all the things that I try to do get to be too much I get a little crazy. It is at this point I need to remind my family and friends to….

I love Alice – I’d like to say I am like Alice but I’m not, I just wish I was. While she is unconventional and adventurous. I am safe and so very conventional.
We do have this in common though.

The Struggle

“The Struggle”

Created by CJ Ward Abstract Endeavors
CJ created the piece for the JDRF Hope Ball Silent Auction
The vision was all hers – the artistic avenue she choose to travel was left to her.
She and I did chat about was diabetes means to me and my family.
She delivered the piece to me earlier today so I can deliver it to the JDRF office. It will be hard to let the piece go. I was nearly brought to tears when I opened the door to find my own fear, anger, hope, love and journey staring back at me. When I look at the piece I see the blue for diabetes awareness, and red for the blood my kids shed multiple times each day. I see sadness, anger and fear in the faces that are tangled in the weeds to the left – struggling. I see the birds of hope releasing those struggling to be connected with others fighting the same battle. I see the love. I see the keys that will set us all free and unlock the cure. Like I said I will be sad to relinquish this symbol of hope to the JDRF but I have no doubt it will help raise money that will lead to unlocking the door to the cure.
It is truly a one of a kind original work created with love and given with support.
What do you see in it? – feel free to share in comments.
If you want to share your thoughts with the artist you can do so by visiting the link above for Abstract Endeavors. CJ has made a number of original pieces that she donates to non-profits to help raise awareness and money. A side note – a piece she created for a non-profit in LA that benefits women struggling with addiction was sold to Russell Brand for 7K.
If you love it as much as I do send CJ a note to thank her for her support and talent.