Primum Non Nocere

25943840033_ee6b1ba12a_o.gif” title=When we embark into the realm of social media we leave ourselves vulnerable to the harbingers of doom as well as to other more sinister types of people.

Harbingers are not to be confused with trolls – folks who intentionally set out to cause disruption and chaos.

Harbingers are not charlatans – folks who claim to have special knowledge who pander to people’s fears and hopes with snake oil.

Harbingers are not the catfish – folks who falsely represent a person or group to gain trust but have malicious intent.

The harbingers of doom are the folks who criticize others regarding managing diabetes, chastise others for mental health concerns, are always negative, focus on all that could go wrong, and never what has gone right.

Today is day one of Diabetes Blog Week. A week of focused blogging started seven years ago by Karen of Bitter-Sweet.

Today’s blog week prompt is Message Monday.

Some might think that my favorite diabetes message is the motto I stole from Nike (maybe? I never could find who coined the phrase) “It Never Gets Easier, You Get Better”. Recently I read somewhere –  I can’t recall where, a new version of the phrase, “It Never Gets Easier, You Get Stronger” < that is way better than the version I originally stole.

But today my favorite message regarding diabetes advocacy online and in real life is:

First, Do No Harm.

When we start writing, sharing, posting, commenting, and communicating with others about diabetes it is imperative we understand how our words can affect the lives of others.

My kids use specific insulin pumps. I do not criticize those who choose different pumps, especially right now when #choicematters and #mypumpmychoice.

My kids have A1Cs slightly above recommended guidelines but they are decent (their A1Cs – not my kids – although my kids are pretty awesome too when I don’t want to throttle them) and they work hard to maintain them. I don’t brag about them and I don’t berate others for having a less than stellar A1C. Diabetes is really ducking hard.

I don’t watch my kids blood sugars live via Dexcom or NightScout. They occasionally wear the Dexcom G5 when they will be away for long periods or I will be away. Mostly for my piece of mind. I know there are parents who watch CGM graphs for their child throughout the day and night. Those parents are doing what works for them and their child. I don’t judge them and hopefully they don’t judge me.

My kids eat a ton of crap. I don’t put many restrictions on edibles. If their blood sugars are below 180 and they want a sweet, chips, or other crap food then have at it. Honestly trying to micromanage my kids crap intake was futile. They are teens. They have opportunities to buy crap everyday without my knowledge. I wish they didn’t, but they do and punishing them does not instill in them a desire to eat healthier. I do not critique the diets of other children or adults with diabetes. Not my body, not my business.

For the most part I see good in the community. I see support and empathy and sharing of knowledge. Occasionally I see things that are hurtful or harmful. Sadly much of the hurtful and harmful remarks or posts come from the newly diagnosed or parents of the newly diagnosed. The ones who are still struggling with identifying with diabetes as a whole instead of putting a box around certain types of diabetes and in the process alienating those with a different type than themselves or those they love. I get it. I was there. It was a long time ago. A time before I was part of the diabetes community, before I fell in love with the hearts and souls of people with all types of diabetes in all walks of life. There is a learning curve – not just in managing diabetes but in understanding the community and our place within.

My kids with type 1 diabetes have made me stronger. My friends with all types of diabetes, who use all different tools, different tricks, and are honest about the emotional, psychological, and physical toll diabetes take on the body and soul have made me smarter.

So today my message is First, Do No Harm. 

After that – make noise, raise awareness, be badass, check-bolus-eat, act justly, live honorably, walk humbly, and always love fiercely.

Unexpected Outcomes

Anxiety is an unpleasant state of inner turmoil and apprehension, often accompanied by nervous behavior, such as pacing back and forth, somatic complaints and rumination. It is the subjectively unpleasant feelings of dread over something unlikely to happen, such as the feeling of imminent death. Anxiety is feeling unrealistic fear, worry, and uneasiness, usually generalized and unfocused. It is often accompanied by restlessness, fatigue, problems in concentration, and muscular tension. Anxiety is not considered to be a normal reaction to a perceived stressors although many feel it occasionally. When anxiety becomes overwhelming and distressing to the sufferer, it may fall under the psychiatric diagnosis of anxiety disorder. Anxiety is not the same as fear. Fear is evoked by a realistic danger and is an appropriate response to a perceived threat, while anxiety is worry or overreaction to a situation that is only subjectively seen as menacing.

The above is from Wiki

I have been on a loop. Feel good. Feel bad. Feel good. Feel bad.

I think most people are loopy but maybe some are in longer loop patterns and there is certainly more good than bad.

I started this post and got to that point ^^^ before I saved draft and walked away. I stopped writing because I was in the ‘bad’ part of the loop and I realized I didn’t want to write about anxiety when I was in that place.

Now that I am in the ‘good’ part of the loop I wanted to revisit writing about anxiety. Especially after attending the Children With Diabetes FFL conference in Orlando. I attended a session about Stress Management while there. It was way too short (the break-out session and the conference) but in that little bit of time in the session I learned something amazing. It was Dr. Bob who said it and I already shared his words in my last post but to recap he said:

“suffering comes from the attachment of an outcome, Remove the expectations and that will limit suffering”

Years ago a friend said something similar, she said it when she was experiencing the ‘bad’ part of her own loop. She said:

“expect nothing and never be disappointed.”

The two statements are similar but also very different.

My friend gave me the advice while she was experiencing high levels of stress, anxiety and disappointment. Thus her statement seems more negative, almost bitter. Through the years while I was experiencing stress or disappointment I would remember the advice and it would not help. It would make me more disappointed, angry, frustrated, and sad.

Dr. Bob’s words were not said with bitterness and are meant more to be a tool or plan – setting readers/listeners up for success. His words also do not promise “no disappointment” they suggest that removing the expectations can limit suffering.

Random picture to break up text - yet on topic.

Random picture to break up text – yet on topic.

I was concerned and experiencing anxiety prior to our trip to Friends For Life. My anxiety was in regards to how my dear husband would handle my interactions with all my DOC friends. I knew he (my husband) gave up his idea of a family vacation to take our family to FFL. He actually asked the kids which they would prefer – a trip to Hawaii or FFL/Harry Potter World. They all said FFL and Harry Potter World – although I think the boys were voting for HPW more than FFL. My husband was out voted and we planned our trip to the conference.

The night before our trip I was experiencing a huge amount of anxiety. Chad wanted to know the schedule. When was “family time”?

I could feel my heart racing. Was the trip going to be a bust because I was going to be disappointed that I didn’t get to hang with my DOC friends or would he be disappointed that I spent too much time with my DOC friends.

He sensed my anxiety and basically wanted me to clarify my expectations of him. I said I haven’t set any expectations. He could do what he wanted and felt most comfortable doing. I did say that I would love for him to meet and get to know some of my DOC friends but I would not require it of him.

All in all the week went great. We had family time and I had lots of DOC time. We spent a good deal of time Saturday together with one of my favorite DOC friends and the two of them hit it off and chatted amongst themselves.

I think it can be difficult for people not involved with the DOC to understand how important it is to those of us who are a part of it. I am grateful to my dear husband for recognizing how important it was for me to have my time with online friends. I am glad we talked about our expectations ahead of time. I am also glad that I didn’t focus too much energy imagining what could go wrong or setting myself (and those I love) up for failure by setting unfair expectations and thus I limited my ‘suffering’ or disappointment.

Hope I can continue this in all aspects of my life and maybe anxiety wont be such a monster in my life.

A moment of Zen

A moment of Zen



Thursday Shout-Outs – A Collective

Day 14 Health Activists Writers Month Challenge.

Todays Challenge: Spread the Love – Thank a few of your fellow HEalth Activists for what they have done. Call them out by name or twitter handle. Share your love.

So many people I’d like to thank for all they do to inspire me as a mom of kids with diabetes, as a health activist, as a blogger, as a human. I have ‘met’ many people in the last 16 months in the social media health scene that have made me want to be a better person. Too many to share but I’m gonna try to share just a few.

From my humble beginnings there have been a number of folks that have made being active online a great deal of fun and a wonderful learning experience.

Cherise @Sweetercherise of DSMA – she was my first twitter follower and has stuck by me through all my crazy. Her smile is pure gold – a true window to her soul that is by far the sweetest there is.

Sara @saraknic of Moments of Wonderful – she was also an early follower. Her laughter, joy and sincerity are refreshing in a world that sometimes gets me down.

Tim @bleedingfinger of Bleeding Finger – father to cwd – advocate for all cwd – loving husband and talented writer. His strength is enduring and something to aspire to. Plus – he is a poet and since I can’t write a poem to save my life – I’m impressed.

Scott @scottkjohnson of Scotts Diabetes – if ever there was a more supportive, kind and knowledgable man I have not met him (aside from my loving husband – he never reads my blog but just in case).

Bennet @badshoe of YDMV – another father of multiple kids with diabetes, shares his life experience with those of us still green behind the ears, never fails to derail a DSMA tweetchat with his humor and wit and always happy to offer a hug, a laugh, a smile and if needed a kick in the butt.

Kerri @sixuntilme of Six Until Me – to many of us Kerri is the ‘Be-all End-all” of all things great and grizzly about diabetes. She is the shiznit.

Meri @our3Dlife of Our Diabetic Life – mom of 4 boys (isn’t that enough) 3 with Type 1. This amazing woman shares hopes, dreams, nightmares, and laughter with all of us D-moms. I’m thankful for her.

Ok I’ve only listed the starting line-up and already I hear the Jaws music trying to “play me off”. I’ll just talk louder and faster which you can’t hear so while reading this read louder and faster so you get the full effect.

Perhaps to save time and avoid using the words “amazing, wonderful, and inspiring” enough times to warrant some sort of word-overuse fine (totally exists and likely includes the word ‘totally’) – I shall now just share the names and handles of people you should totally follow on twitter and read their blogs because they do rock. (I totally failed at this last part because I still felt I had something to say. My blog – my rules – deal.)

Matthew @matthewdeets – 🙁 sadly no blog – Matt and I chat most days. Whether my day is good or bad he will always listen, never judge, and in the end turns a frown upside down.

Jennifer @JennMamaBear of Sweetzoo – we share a love of animals – especially frogs – you should totally send Jenn frogs. (ok don’t send Jenn frogs they seriously freak her out – maybe one frog – send her one cute frog meme)

Melissa @sweetlyvoiced of Sweetly Voiced – the voice of an angel and a voice of reason

Brian @notmycell of Not My Cell (beware sarcasm is his first language but I bet he knows latin too)

Scott @scott_IntheD of Rolling In The D – Scott shares all sorts of great fun facts and funnies about living with diabetes on his blog. Scott is also one of my biggest supporters. He rarely fails to share a kind word on my blog and I am so grateful for his support. Comments are like chocolate for my sole.

Ivy @nomadivy – sadly Ivy doesn’t blog – she is a D-mom with a gracious heart.

Melissa @Melllbe – Young adult with Type 1 – so very beautiful through and through

C @theperfectD of The Perfect D – NOT A PORN SITE – also I didn’t include her full name because to my knowledge she doesn’t share it on her site or her tweets. She’s funny and I at some point we will have drinks and she will tell me stories of goats.

Bea @crankypancreas of Cranky Pancreas – she is one of my earliest friends on twitter and honest to the bone – full of love and always supportive to those who hear her

Kate @sweetenedkate – of Sweet Success – so very sweet and always kind and very supportive

I’ve left out another dozen two dozen fabulous souls that inspire, teach, support and advocate. If you are here reading this and I’ve not named you please forgive me. I probably should have gone with the “too many to thank” type post – its safe and fitting.

Truth is it isn’t just the individuals that make social health media what it is  – it is the collective. Aristotle says “A whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” I should have just shared that quote and been done but I’m wordy and I like to give shout-outs – fittingly so – it is Thursday Shout-Out Day (it will totally be a thing).

Yes this post was due on Sunday – shut-up.

Sharing Is Fun, It’s What We Like To Do

Today is Day 4 of the Health Activists Writers Month Challenge

Today’s challenge: Create a “care page” – a list of your best resources that someone who is newly diagnosed could go to when starting to advocate for themselves or a loved one. 

Have I mentioned how incredibly disorganized I am? Being so disorganized is difficult and bothersome. My disorganization doesn’t just disrupt me it annoys the heck outta my husband too. Just last night I asked him to fix my email because I was trying to email myself pictures from a file to include in a collage for Day 3. He became distracted and highly aggravated by my disorganization – in his defense I had no less than 6 word documents open, my desktop is filled with other documents and pictures, and I have over 350 unread email messages. It drives his OCD brain insane. (He is not OCD when it comes to leaving socks, shoes, candy wrappers or coffee cups all over the house.)

I have known for sometime that if I would add all my favorite blogs and websites to a special ‘feed’ or ‘reader’ I wouldn’t spend so much time trying to find the pages again. I asked for help early last night regarding organizing my favorite blogs and web pages and a dear friend from the DOC (Diabetes Online Community) agreed to help but she can’t until Friday. Thus – I’m screwed for today’s prompt. Speaking of the DOC – you can find so much support on twitter. Join Twitter – search the hashtags #DOC, #DSMA. You will never be alone with an entire community of people following you – free glitter, bacon and cupcakes for all newbies (all virtual btw – I’m not actually going to send you a bacon cupcake topped with glitter).

One of the first places I would suggest both D-rents (that’s parents of kids with diabetes – I totally only learned what Drents meant on Monday and I’ve been one for over 6 years) and PWD (People with diabetes) go after diagnosis is the JDRF website. Yes they are a fundraising organization but they do great things with those funds in addition to funding promising research that will one day end diabetes. THIS link will take newbies to specific pages for the newly diagnosed (both for drents and pwd) within the JDRF website. As far as the advocacy part of JDRF – you can create or join a walk team to raise money while raising awareness. I should mention that the JDRF focuses its awareness toward Type 1 diabetes but when a cure is created (let’s be honest it isn’t like we are going to turn over a rock and find it) it will benefit all people with diabetes.

So much text – here is a cool cat picture to break it up.

My cat is Batman

My cat is Batman

Another great recourse (also a fundraising organization doing wonderful things to advance diabetes awareness and end the decease) is the American Diabetes Association. THIS link is also specifically for the new diagnosed. It has tips and tools for both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes management, how to get the best from your healthcare team, and you can register to join the TourdeCure (which I would be excited about if I was a cyclist) – it is exciting that so many PWD do ride and raise a great deal of awareness and money for research.

Advocating for your school aged child is likely one of the most frustrating and daunting tasks for parents of newly diagnosed children or to those that move from one location to another while trying to maintain some sort of consistency. One of the best resources I have used while advocating for my children at school can be found HERE. It has oodles and oodles of information. I wouldn’t try to wade through it all at once. If your child isn’t in school yet I would suggest taking time to read and familiarize yourself with laws (both federal and state), read sample 504 plans (legal documents that protect your child at school), and print out the resources for teachers and classmates. The Children With Diabetes Organization also has a great page that shares webpages to help advocate for yourself or your children. Find that HERE. Honestly just go to the CWD website and poke around for information regarding all things diabetes – be sure to check out the Friends For Life conference page and if you can go – GO. (It isn’t just for families with cwd they have adults with diabetes tracks at the conference too!)

I have a number of amazing websites and blogs listed here on my blog too – look to your right. I have been meaning to organize them better with descriptions about the authors and such but haven’t. (Have I mentioned Im disorganized?) I have also been meaning to figure out a way to keep YOU on my blog while also sending you to other great blogs but I haven’t done that either – the links will take you away from my blog so before you go to the others maybe bookmark mine or sign up to get my drivel awe inspiring babble prose sent to your inbox – I mean shit if you read all the way to this point clearly you find me riveting and here is another a cute cat picture.



Thursday Shout Out

So yesterday @saraknic author of Moments of Wonderful  shared her Wordless Wednesday post via Twitter. (Wordless Wednesday’s is when bloggers “only” post picture(s) – no text – on their blogs). @HenshawKim – new to blogging (1Type1) –  inquired as to what “Wordless Wednesdays” was. Sara was kind enough to share the themed day idea with her. Kim then asked what other theme days there were. I shared DSMA’s Blog Carnival with her but then also shared the following tweet: “On Thursdays it is #shoutout day – feel free to write all about me. (shhh Sara don’t tell her I made it up)” Of course I was having a go at Kim at the time, but all day today I was thinking “Why The Heck Not?”

Thus – today (possibly the last day of humanity on planet Earth due to large celestial bodies lining up and possibly disrupting/reversing Earths polarity or messing with gravitational pull causing climate chaos – but who’s worried?) The little voice inside my head just made the “Ahem” sound because I was straying from topic.

THUS – today I wanted to shout out to Tony @blogdiabetes. Tony produces podcasts dealing with diabetes and shares them on his blog Blogging Diabetes. Some of his podcasts are him sharing new technology, tips, tools, ideas and humor. Many of his podcasts include interviews with people prominent in the diabetes community, diabetes advocates, doctors, dietitians, fellow diabetes bloggers and more.

I had listened to a few of Tony’s podcasts back in the spring of 2012 but alas I got crazy busy preparing to move to CA and without daily reminders let the podcasts slip away. Recently something – and I don’t recall what or who – made me revisit Tony’s podcasts. His latest podcast (at that time) was an interview with Mike Lawson @MrMikeLawson @WSWCL  and I don’t miss an opportunity to hear Mike’s stories. He tells the best stories. After listening to Tony and Mike chat about diabetes, diabetes and dating, mirror mantras, the DOC (Diabetes Online Community), other great DOC peeps, and more I realized that I loved listening to others chat about all the things I care most about.

I normally listen to audio books while I clean house or take long drives. Listening to something while I clean improves my efficiency since I am less likely to be distracted by social media, the TV or my bed. Today I enjoyed listening to Tony discuss his experience with the Dexcom G4 CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitor) while running errands around town. Tony made standing in line at the post office a little less miserable.

So here it is my Thursday Shout Out is to Tony @blogdiabetes for his informative, insightful, and often humors podcasts. Thanks Tony – keep’m coming.

Best Betes Blogs

What is the end result of a fabulous Diabetes meet-up aside from love and laughter?

A suggestion, nay request that I host the Best Betes Blogs for November. What could I say after Sara brought me a bottle of sand and shells from Florida. I didn’t realize what a fabulous honor and treat it would be to host. Imagine how thrilled I was to receive over two pages of nominated blogs. For an undisclosed amount of time (wouldn’t want ya thinking hosting takes up too much of your time) I laughed, cried and had to fight off feelings that I’m certain even Dr. Bruce Banner would have succumbed to.

Enough of my rambling – on to the winners of the November Best Betes Blogs

Best Use of Humor

If diabetes had an address I’d like to send some hate mail. Life: One unit at a time

Best Vlog

I’ve always believed that PWD and those who love PWD are the bravest, smartest, funniest and most awesome people – clearly PWD also make great poets. Dorkabetic

Best Recipe

YUM! You had me at “The summer of tomatoes” A Girls Reflections 

Best Use of Photography

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing a family coming together to support one another while building diabetes awareness. The We Cara Lot Blog

Best Advocacy

I’m not sure who said it but someone once said that more people fear public speaking than death. This little man with the support of his mom wasn’t afraid. Type 1 diabetes 365 and here (to watch the presentation) Kuddos Craig!

Best Story of a D Meet-up

Social Media brings people who may have previously felt isolated together – and not only to sing 80’s music together – although I personally believe singing 80’s music together is reason enough. Simon at Simon From the 70’s

Best non-D Related Post

In the Diabetes Online Community we come together to celebrate diabetes success, learn new diabetes management tricks, and share diabetes frustrations – BUT if I’ve learned anything it isn’t always about diabetes support – it is just about support. George at Ninjabetic 

Best Post by a Type 1

Not to scare off any potential BBB hosts but this category was truly difficult to pick a winner. If it were allowed there would be at least a four-way tie. Alas – I was given permission for a two-way tie. I must have read each of the posts submitted a half-dozen times – yes it was that hard to choose.

The questions we all get asked and the decisions regarding how much to share. Nikki at Celiabetes 

Diabetes fights like a jealous sibling or pet when baby comes home. Jacquie at Typical Type 1

Best Post by a Type 2

This post surprised me. As a parent of two kids with Type 1 I always feel people with Type 2 get all the attention via mainstream media. To an individual everything is perception but perception isn’t everything – look closer. That’s what I learned from this post. Sue at RFamHere’s Ramblings

Best Post by a Type Awesome

Courage – she’s got it. Insulin Resilience

Best Post by a LADA/Type 1.5/Not otherwise specified

I’m NOT trying to plug my blog here I just feel the need to say – Stick with it sugar, it never gets easier – you get better. Katie at 1 Little Prick

Best story of a D-mistake

When I got to this category I must say I wasn’t feeling a lot of love for a certain someone. Asking me to choose a winner with so many great nominations was asking a bit much. Thus again I narrowed it down to two and considered flipping a coin but luck isn’t what makes these bloggers so fabulous – it is the ability to act in the presence of fear, recognize that we learn from our mistakes, and to take each day with a spoon full of sugar  – or a whole lot of fast acting carbs when needed.

Lea at Luvleamum

Bram at Trained by Insulin

Best Motivational Post

When reading this post I was thinking about the courage post listed above and my favorite quote about courage – “Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to act in the presence of fear” Mikes guest post on Diabetes Mine

Best Diabetes Art

Don’t eat Dr. Banting! Wendy at Candy Hearts

Congratulations to all of November’s Best Betes Blogs Winners. Please grab this button to use on your blog if you would like.

Thank you to all those who nominated posts this month and congratulations to those who were nominated.

George Ninjabetic

Scully Can.D.Gal

Kim Texting My Pancreas

Karen Bitter Sweet

Denise My Sweet Bean and her Pod

Brian Buzz Buzz Not My Cell

Scott B Diabetes Daily

Kelly Diabetesaliciousness


Jess Me and D


Christina Stick With It Sugar

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Rachel Probably Rachel

Emma Big Purple Duck

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Sara Moments of Wonderful

Jasmine Silver-Lined


This is my first remote post – meaning I am not sitting in my own desk chair with a dog curled up at my feet. I am currently sitting at a place called Main Event. It’s an arcade, pool hall, bowling alley, rock gym, laser tag place. It is a fantastically wonderful magical place!

On Monday nights there is a special it’s called Monday Night Madness. For only $20 a kid they get to do unlimited rock climbing, bowling, laser tag, mini glow golf, and video games galore. It starts at 4pm and ends at closing which is something crazy like 2am (btw there is a full bar too).  The latest we’ve stayed is midnight – since we are here by 4pm that is 8 hours of fun for them and quiet time for me (even with todays pop 40 blaring from the bowling lanes).

The kids check in every 30 minutes or so to grab some cheese fries, sip some water or if I’m lucky sneak in a hug and tell me how awesome of a mom I am for bringing them to Main Event – if they only knew it was more about me than them. (ok maybe equal me and them).

Tonight I have so much to catch up on. So many DOCers (people involved in the diabetes online community) have returned from the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference with stories to tell. My family couldn’t attend this year so I was living through them – all the tweets with quotable moments from different conference sessions were fantastic.

Here are a few FFL posts I have enjoyed so far:

Karen at Bittersweet Diabetes 

Kerri at Six Until Me 

Scott Strange at Strangely Diabetic

Another great one from Scott 

Jess at Me and D

Shay at Just Same Changes

Allison at Diabetes Mine

Meri at Our Diabetic Life

Martin at Diabetically Speaking

Kate at Tenaciously Sweet 

Kelly at Diabetesaliciousness

This is all I’ve read so far – I’m certain more will be posted soon and there may be dozen’s I just haven’t gotten to yet.

Back in April during the Health Activists Writer’s Challenge Month there was prompt that asked if I titled my posts before I wrote or if I titled them after. Normally I title them before because I have a specific thing I plan to write about. For this post I titled it “Freedom” because I had intended on writing about the fact that I dropped my Sweetstuff off at the movies without me – first time. I wasn’t worried about diabetes – I was more worried about her talking to strangers. It was great allowing her the freedom to grow up a bit and not worry about diabetes.

I was also going to write about the freedom a place like Main Event allows me to relax while knowing my kids are safe and entertained. I did touch on that but then I went a different direction – I shared posts regarding the Friends for Life conference. I was contemplating a change in title but realized it isn’t necessary. I haven’t been at the FFL conference since 2009 – but I do remember the sense of freedom I felt after each conference. Freedom to raise strong, healthy, amazing children with diabetes. The freedom to talk about diabetes, the freedom to admit that I do get overwhelmed, I do get sad, I do get very angry and freedom to admit I make mistakes and need help.

No title change necessary – I hope you check out the blog posts I’ve shared and find more and might share them with me in case I have missed them.



Thank You

Feeling Thankful Today

I know it is day 4 of the Diabetes Blog Week and I will get to my fantasy device post soon – I promise.

But first….

I have been crazy busy for the past 3 weeks trying to pull my house together and get it “show” ready so it can be put on the market. Not an easy feat for a uberdisorganized gal.

When we sold our last home my kids were 4 & 2 and my third was due to arrive in about 6 weeks. Our house was 1700sqft with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and no extra rooms. It took me a month to organize, clear out, clean and touch up our home to make it market ready.

Our current home is 3600sqft 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, office, game room, and formal dining room. My kids are now 12, 10 and 8 and have all the junk that goes with spoiled kids those ages. My kids are also attending school and it is the end of the year and everyone is demanding my time and energy. Not even mentioning the diabetes crud (well I mentioned it but I’m not going to highlight all the time, energy, and clutter it takes up). Also – hubby isn’t here – he is already in CA working so I am flying solo. – Oh and I am supposed to be house hunting online as well as finding, scanning and faxing or emailing documents hubby needs to purchase a new home.

I am NOT whining. I know we are blessed and this is a great adventure for us. The hard work is worth the new experiences we will enjoy. It is just all time consuming and I have found little time for myself these last few weeks – including time to browse twitter and blogs. I even missed DSMA live cant last night – still sad about that.

So this morning while drinking my 5th cup of coffee (don’t judge – recent studies show people who drink coffee live longer) I browsed twitter and caught up on some of my favorite blogs as well as a few new ones thanks to the Diabetes Blog Week List. It felt good to be among so many that I feel connected to even if Ive never interacted with them.  While browsing twitter I began thinking about  my first days on twitter. I was a newbie – virgin tweeter if you will. But I didn’t feel new for long. There were a handful (really more like an armful) of folks who welcomed me and made me feel like part of something great.

So this morning I want to thank those individuals who followed me before they really knew me – and continue to follow me despite that they now know me.

  • Kerri @sixuntilme – you are a blog goddess and all around fabulous person. You inspire, educated, entertain and support like no other.
  • Cherise @sweetercherise & @diabetessocialmed – you keep us in line, keep us united and keep us real – it helps that you are funny as all hell and offer endless encouragement.
  • Kelly @kellyrawlings – your support and advocacy are wonderful and you sent me my favorite mug – 😉
  • Marie @cellobard – there are not enough kind words in the English language for me to describe how much I care for you and your wonderful music – a few would be: brave, honest, kind, loving, inspiring, friend, and true.
  • Lea @luvleamum – first Dmama that I found and found me back on twitter – you make me smile
  • Tim @bleedingfinger – Ddad – you are just awesome
  • Penny @p_spore – you love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as much as me – that’s enough to make me like you lots – helps that you make me giggle too
  • Shannon @Shanmarengo – you are an amazing mom, friend, pwd, and fellow Texan – I am grateful for all your support and blog comments
  • Brian @bosh – you make me lol and you are the ultimate draw something Picasso (sorry I haven’t played in so long)
  • Jeff @betespora – you always find time to comment on my tweets and your encouragement as a pwd to me (a mom of cwd) makes me feel like I am doing something right
  • Sara @saraknic – you make me laugh
There are many many many more fantastically wonderful amazing pwd and parents of cwd that I follow & follow me back who provide me with hours of entertainment on twitter and in their blogs. My list could continue for pages if I listed everyone and how you all make my life more enjoyable and simply better.
Thank you DOC – all of you.

You’ve Got a Friend in Blogs

You’ve Got A Friend In Blogs

I am participating (well I’m going to attempt to participate) in the 3rd annual Diabetes Blog Week

Today’s prompt was to find a friend – in other words find a blog that I haven’t read before or have maybe read occasionally but want to read more frequently.

There are countless dblogs (well maybe not countless like Real numbers which are uncountable – learned that recently {sort of I still had to check if the uncountable numbers were real or natural} from a friend that makes my brain hurt with all her math jargon – what can I say I’m a sucker for nerd awesomeness).
Sorry – digressed –
My point is though that I could likely spend every hour of everyday for an entire month and not find, let alone read all the dblogs available on the net. Luckily a wonderful list has been compiled for me (yup it was made just for me – well also the other hundred or so people participating in this years Annual Diabetes Blog week THE list.
While pursuing the list I saw many of my favorite blogs as well as some that I forgot I liked because I am not an organized person and I don’t remember to bookmark them or better yet add a link to the blog(s) on my blog so I can find it easily and others can too. (I also have a hard time with run on sentences and too many parenthesis – admitting it is the first step to recovery) Thus – in addition to attempting to write each day of dblog week I will also be updating my blogroll on my blog. If you find my silly little corner here on the net and you have an awesome blog that I haven’t included in my blogroll please shoot me an email or send me a tweet so I can add you. On twitter I am momof2t1s – keeping it simple.

On to my post:
I just found Jen with BHS – thank you List. I’ve read Sarah’s blog before and enjoyed it each time but always forgot to bookmark. Alexis is a favorite of mine. Amber is a new one for me but I think we are going to be great friends – the other Amber I know seems to like me a bit.

Jen From Blue Heel Society I love this particular post – Don’t Quit – wish I had a cool teacher like Jen had.

Sarah/@SmartDpants I love this post by Sarah because she clearly feels my pain in regards to #5 – how difficult could it be to allow the meter to have the same information as the pump.

Alexis Nicole Chronicles of D-Boy and Ribbon I love this post because Alexis understand all that it means to be a mom to cwd – of course she is stressed and tired and angry but with all that she is able to keep humor center stage.

Amber Cliff Notes I clicked on this blog from THE List because I like the name Amber (a lot) and I knew the moment I started reading I was going to like both Amber and her blog. The pics are great and I can’t wait to check out the FB page. Turns out I was already following dear Amber on Twitter but I don’t recall ever visiting her blog – that doesn’t mean I hadn’t – it means I was either drinking heavily at the time or sleep deprived or distracted by unicorns dancing in my office – since I rarely drink I’d go with sleep deprivation which may or may not have included dancing unicorns.

I could spend hours clicking on blogs and reading my night away but I have pillows and bedding to stuff into vacuum bags so I can watch them squish down – I get a real kick out of suffocating my pillows – irony? (I still don’t know how to properly use that word – darn you Alanis!)

Last HAWMC Post

30 Days 30 Posts 3 days Late

Day 30 Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge

My last prompt was intended for May 1st but with all that has been happening in the last 2 weeks I fell behind. Catching up today with a final HAWMC post before a new challenge begins – looking forward to  Diabetes Blog Week

The prompt for May 1st was: Recap HAWMC. You did it! 30 posts in 30 days. Which was your favorite prompt? Which was the most difficult? Which ideas will you reuse? Who was your favorite fellow blogger?

First off – I loved that as a virgin blogger I took this opportunity to participate in the challenge. The prompts kept me focused and on task (mostly). I wrote posts that I might not have considered writing had I been going it alone during the 3 months of being a blog author.

My favorite prompt(s) – I have a hard time choosing one item over another – that’s why I take multiple friends with me when I go eat sushi.

  • Health Time Capsule – I loved this one because it encouraged me to think about what is important in my health and the health of my children. Health Time Capsule
  • Why I write – It made me really think about why blogging has been so important for me and thankful I finally got started – Why I write
  • Ekphrasis Post – well first off I learned a new word and I do love words. Second I got to discover flickr and what a neat site it is. Third – things just fit that day. Airplanes Elephants and Merry-Go-Rounds
  • 5 Dinner Guests – I loved this post because it happened and while writing it I got to relive that wonderful evening of love & laughter Dining with diabetes- served with a side of friends
  • Miracle Cure – this wasn’t so much a favorite prompt – more of a favorite post. I had thought about conjuring up some magic fairy farts to create a cure but in the end I recognized that there is no miracle cure – just hard working people. Exposed
  • My Happy Place – This was by far my most favorite prompt – it was from a list of early bird prompts that I received for registering early. I used it on a free choice day. I love my happy place not only because it makes me happy – because it takes away everything that isn’t happy. Ocean of tears
What prompt was most difficult?
My Dream Day – I hated this prompt. It made me realize I do have a little ‘selfish’ in me. I’m not sharing the link – you will have to look for it if you want to read it.
Which ideas will you reuse?
I liked contemplating the 5 challenges and 5 small victories – it was good to take inventory.
Favorite fellow bloggers? See above regarding favorite prompts.
Choosing a single prompt or post was too hard for me so choosing a favorite blogger would be impossible. Every blog I read was important enough for another blogger to write. Sure some are more entertaining, some are more honest, some are more educational – but I couldn’t tell you which blogger(s) are my favorites. I’m just grateful there are others who share.