Thursday Shout-Outs – A Collective

Day 14 Health Activists Writers Month Challenge.

Todays Challenge: Spread the Love – Thank a few of your fellow HEalth Activists for what they have done. Call them out by name or twitter handle. Share your love.

So many people I’d like to thank for all they do to inspire me as a mom of kids with diabetes, as a health activist, as a blogger, as a human. I have ‘met’ many people in the last 16 months in the social media health scene that have made me want to be a better person. Too many to share but I’m gonna try to share just a few.

From my humble beginnings there have been a number of folks that have made being active online a great deal of fun and a wonderful learning experience.

Cherise @Sweetercherise of DSMA – she was my first twitter follower and has stuck by me through all my crazy. Her smile is pure gold – a true window to her soul that is by far the sweetest there is.

Sara @saraknic of Moments of Wonderful – she was also an early follower. Her laughter, joy and sincerity are refreshing in a world that sometimes gets me down.

Tim @bleedingfinger of Bleeding Finger – father to cwd – advocate for all cwd – loving husband and talented writer. His strength is enduring and something to aspire to. Plus – he is a poet and since I can’t write a poem to save my life – I’m impressed.

Scott @scottkjohnson of Scotts Diabetes – if ever there was a more supportive, kind and knowledgable man I have not met him (aside from my loving husband – he never reads my blog but just in case).

Bennet @badshoe of YDMV – another father of multiple kids with diabetes, shares his life experience with those of us still green behind the ears, never fails to derail a DSMA tweetchat with his humor and wit and always happy to offer a hug, a laugh, a smile and if needed a kick in the butt.

Kerri @sixuntilme of Six Until Me – to many of us Kerri is the ‘Be-all End-all” of all things great and grizzly about diabetes. She is the shiznit.

Meri @our3Dlife of Our Diabetic Life – mom of 4 boys (isn’t that enough) 3 with Type 1. This amazing woman shares hopes, dreams, nightmares, and laughter with all of us D-moms. I’m thankful for her.

Ok I’ve only listed the starting line-up and already I hear the Jaws music trying to “play me off”. I’ll just talk louder and faster which you can’t hear so while reading this read louder and faster so you get the full effect.

Perhaps to save time and avoid using the words “amazing, wonderful, and inspiring” enough times to warrant some sort of word-overuse fine (totally exists and likely includes the word ‘totally’) – I shall now just share the names and handles of people you should totally follow on twitter and read their blogs because they do rock. (I totally failed at this last part because I still felt I had something to say. My blog – my rules – deal.)

Matthew @matthewdeets – 🙁 sadly no blog – Matt and I chat most days. Whether my day is good or bad he will always listen, never judge, and in the end turns a frown upside down.

Jennifer @JennMamaBear of Sweetzoo – we share a love of animals – especially frogs – you should totally send Jenn frogs. (ok don’t send Jenn frogs they seriously freak her out – maybe one frog – send her one cute frog meme)

Melissa @sweetlyvoiced of Sweetly Voiced – the voice of an angel and a voice of reason

Brian @notmycell of Not My Cell (beware sarcasm is his first language but I bet he knows latin too)

Scott @scott_IntheD of Rolling In The D – Scott shares all sorts of great fun facts and funnies about living with diabetes on his blog. Scott is also one of my biggest supporters. He rarely fails to share a kind word on my blog and I am so grateful for his support. Comments are like chocolate for my sole.

Ivy @nomadivy – sadly Ivy doesn’t blog – she is a D-mom with a gracious heart.

Melissa @Melllbe – Young adult with Type 1 – so very beautiful through and through

C @theperfectD of The Perfect D – NOT A PORN SITE – also I didn’t include her full name because to my knowledge she doesn’t share it on her site or her tweets. She’s funny and I at some point we will have drinks and she will tell me stories of goats.

Bea @crankypancreas of Cranky Pancreas – she is one of my earliest friends on twitter and honest to the bone – full of love and always supportive to those who hear her

Kate @sweetenedkate – of Sweet Success – so very sweet and always kind and very supportive

I’ve left out another dozen two dozen fabulous souls that inspire, teach, support and advocate. If you are here reading this and I’ve not named you please forgive me. I probably should have gone with the “too many to thank” type post – its safe and fitting.

Truth is it isn’t just the individuals that make social health media what it is  – it is the collective. Aristotle says “A whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” I should have just shared that quote and been done but I’m wordy and I like to give shout-outs – fittingly so – it is Thursday Shout-Out Day (it will totally be a thing).

Yes this post was due on Sunday – shut-up.

Thursday Shout-Out & 48 Is Not An Appropriate Number

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my blog. Of course it didn’t start out as Stick With It Sugar. It started as Mom of 2 Type 1s. Regardless today is the 1 year anniversary of my first post. I had grand plans for today. I have a post started for this day. Ok It basically says “Today marks 1 year of D-Blogging” – that’s all it says.

I have written a half-dozen posts in my head over the last three weeks. I just forget everything when I sit down at my desk. Some of the posts written in my head were AWESOME by the way – you would have liked them.

I am not sure where my talent/inspiration/mojo went but I’m certain it will come back. Perhaps if I could sneak off to a beach somewhere and plant my ass in the sand the waves would inspire me.

Regardless I didn’t want the 1 year anniversary of my blog to pass without a post. Thus, I stole a post from the DSMA website by Sweetest Cherise that is @sweetercherise on twitter. (Her name on twitter should be in the superlative form but unfortunatly I was not consulted when she changed her twitter handle)

Before I move on to the post I stole (btw -Im not alone in my thievery – many other D-bloggers have shared their answers using Cherise’s post – yes I am a lemming) Oh – the before part – It being Thursday I would like to give a quick “Shout Out” (when trying to create a bloggy theme day {Thursday Shout Out} – the goal would be to do it each week rather than suggest it, do it once and then not blog for nearly a month – I digress. BTW I have the flu and I may have combined medications inappropriately.

Cherise Shockley is an amazingly wonderful, incredibly intelligent, and by far the SWEETEST person I have met on the interwebz. She blogs at Sweet Cherise and is the founder/creator of Diabetes Social Media Advocacy. DSMA hosts a Wednesday Night tweet-chat, on Thursdays DSMA Live hosts a prominent figure in the diabetes community via Blog Talk Radio, and DSMA promotes WDD (World Diabetes Day) Blue Fridays to help raise awareness for diabetes globally. Cherise is not alone in her endeavors to connect pwd with other pwd (people with diabetes) – there are a number of fantabulous folks working with Cherise to make all the magic possible. But today’s Thursday Shout Out (it will become a thing) is to Cherise to say THANK YOU for all you do to bring people together in a supportive, knowledgable, safe and fun community and also the outline that allowed my highly medicated brain to write a post on my blogiversary.

Now on to my 1 year Anniversary post:


48 Things About Me


No. I have a cousin that is a year older whose name is Christopher. I pretty much assumed all my life that my name was chosen due to either lack of imagination or due to competition between my dad and his sister. However according to my mom, my dad wanted to name me Christian Mary but my mom vetoed that and they went with Christina instead.


Yesterday in the shower.


Not even a little. I actually envy my daughter’s hand writing.


Not really any. I’m more of a peanut butter person.


3 – girl, boy, boy – they are amazing and I am humbled by them often. Always thought I’d have 4. I fear I will likely always feel as though someone is missing in my family.


Like most people I meet, at first I would find me to be too much. I likely wouldn’t like me until after about the first 3-6 months or so. Then I would learn that I am loyal to a fault, honest always, funny as all hell, and just good fun. The problem is I rarely start off well.


It is my first language.




My gut reaction is to say hellz no. But honestly if I’m standing on the platform/bridge with the bungee around my ankles Id likely jump – Id be crying but I would jump.


Lucky Charms – They are magically delicious. I hide them from my kids and yes they are part of my emotional eating diet.


No, even my boots that are tight as shit, I will pull and pull and cuss my way out of them without untying them.


Short answer – yes. Long answer abbreviated: no-I’m scared as all heck.


Baskin Robins>World Class Chocolate


Body posture and facial expressions.


I’ve never been a girly girl but I don’t hate Pink. Not a huge fan of red. I see enough red on a daily basis.


How easily I get sad.


My older sister (sorry Beaner {not used in a derogatory sense – I have called my younger sister Beaner since she was a toddler} if you are reading this – I love you too but Jess and I are just closer).


Staying focused – the procrastination fairy gets me often.


Black beat up Merrell flip-flops – my feet love them.


Peanut Butter Cookies that I made earlier today.


My daughter asking Siri questions while doing her homework



Sky Blue is the top left – Periwinkle is the top right.

Had to go dig in the crayon box for this one – I think Sky Blue but some days it would be more Periwinkle.


Oh defiantly fresh brewed coffee, the air after rain, fallen autumn leaves.


That depends on the topic – Guns > very important /Funding for PBS >  not so much (although I recently started watching Downton Abby on PBS so my position could change.)


Always always always the beach.


On TV – football or Olympic gymnastics. At the park – Baseball.


Used to be dishwater blonde – what the hell does that even mean? Anyway it is brown – drab dull brown with a few blonde highlights






Olive Garden triple chocolate moose cake


Happy please. Last scary movie for me was The Grudge in 2004 – scared me more after the movie than during. Stupid bullfrogs by my house made the same noise that the creature/thing in the grudge made. I stopped going for walks at night.




Blue hoody


Why not ask Favorite season – why must I choose between these two? I refuse – I choose fall – I love the smells.


aw darn it – see favorite food above.


Again not playing by the rules – I like to walk/jog.


Before 10pm computer, after 10pm DVR/Netflix


1.”Change Your Words, Change Your World” by Andrea Gardner – haven’t made up my mind if she is a total quack job or just a little eccentric. 2. “The Secret Keeper” by Kate Morton (a favorite author of mine) 3. “Trail of Fire” by Diana Gaboldon (my other favorite author) I read a lot – if question 37 included ‘books’ my answer would always be books.


No Mouse Pad – Mac magic mouse


A cats purr, my kids laughing


I don’t have a favorite – I like nearly all music. Although most Rap hurts my head. I have various playlists for specific activities or moods – bad days equal 70s/80s metal rock (Metallica/ACDC/Zeppelin/Ozzy), light housework equals pop hits, fast walking/jogging/dance walking/elliptical equals 80s/90s dance.


Cancun Mexico – I know boring – I’d like to go to Scotland and Australia please.


Not a damn thing.






This almost vomit like orangeish color – hopefully to be painted soon.




Actually no. I’m not comfortable with 48 questions. I could understand 45 and clearly 50 is an acceptable number. Why 48? What is the significance of 48?

You Must Experience It To Understand It

DSMA July Blog Carnival

The Diabetes Online Community, or DOC, is a pretty amazing thing.  We each might be looking for something different from the DOC and we each have unique experiences.  With that in mind, we’re looking back at the chat from June 13th called Winging It and would love to hear thoughts on the following sentence . . . .

The diabetes community has taught me how to _______ and _______.


I must say that was an amazing DSMA chat.

I went to bed smiling – feeling like all was well with the world.

That night when the same question was asked I answered the following:

“The DOC has taught me to NOT berate myself for not always being the perfect pancreas for my kids and to celebrate success”

BUT – there is so much more that I didn’t share because well – I was busy trying to keep up with all the ideas and thoughts other DOCers were sharing.

Some of the other tidbits of truth the DOC has taught me are:

  • Unicorns are not just for little girls
  • Diabetes is hard (I knew that but it’s nice to be validated)
  • Complications are not inevitable
  • That PWD and parents of CWD active in the DOC are funny, smart, supportive, tad bit crazy and a whole lot of fun
  • I am not alone
  • There is always new technology, studies, trials, and tools that I can learn about
  • How to convert mg to mmol and visa versa (math hurts my head)
  • That a No Hitter is not just in baseball
  • It’s ok to have a bad day
  • #howtouseahashtag
  • There are more families than I thought with multiple kids with diabetes (hate the cost of joining the club but the members are fabulous)
  • Everything will be alright
The question that followed the above question during that awesome DSMA chat was this:

What does the diabetes community mean to you?

 I answered with this: The DOC means sanity, friendship, support, love, knowledge, power and courage.
To fully grasp this you must get involved. It is not something that can be explained or demonstrated. It must be experienced. The DOC is not about self-promotion or simply sharing articles or blog posts. To truly experience what the DOC is one has to get connected, have conversations (which are visible to – well everyone {unless done in Direct messaging}), attend the DSMA chats, read and respond to posts shared by others and share thoughts not just check-ins. There is certainly value in being a spectator – one can learn a great deal from watching a game but to fully experience it you have to suit up. 
Awesome Image above was created by the DOC’s very own Mike Durbin (@mydiabeticheart) – he created in last year for Diabetes Art Day. You can read more about his art here.  Mike’s art speaks to me because the majority of the DOCers that I interact with daily (sometimes hourly #Ihavenolife) are not in my town, not my state – many not even my country yet we are connected regardless of distance, type of diabetes, age, gender, race, or religion. We are united by a cause.
“This post is my July entry in the DSMA Blog Carnival.  If you’d like to participate too, you can get all of the information at



This is my first remote post – meaning I am not sitting in my own desk chair with a dog curled up at my feet. I am currently sitting at a place called Main Event. It’s an arcade, pool hall, bowling alley, rock gym, laser tag place. It is a fantastically wonderful magical place!

On Monday nights there is a special it’s called Monday Night Madness. For only $20 a kid they get to do unlimited rock climbing, bowling, laser tag, mini glow golf, and video games galore. It starts at 4pm and ends at closing which is something crazy like 2am (btw there is a full bar too).  The latest we’ve stayed is midnight – since we are here by 4pm that is 8 hours of fun for them and quiet time for me (even with todays pop 40 blaring from the bowling lanes).

The kids check in every 30 minutes or so to grab some cheese fries, sip some water or if I’m lucky sneak in a hug and tell me how awesome of a mom I am for bringing them to Main Event – if they only knew it was more about me than them. (ok maybe equal me and them).

Tonight I have so much to catch up on. So many DOCers (people involved in the diabetes online community) have returned from the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference with stories to tell. My family couldn’t attend this year so I was living through them – all the tweets with quotable moments from different conference sessions were fantastic.

Here are a few FFL posts I have enjoyed so far:

Karen at Bittersweet Diabetes 

Kerri at Six Until Me 

Scott Strange at Strangely Diabetic

Another great one from Scott 

Jess at Me and D

Shay at Just Same Changes

Allison at Diabetes Mine

Meri at Our Diabetic Life

Martin at Diabetically Speaking

Kate at Tenaciously Sweet 

Kelly at Diabetesaliciousness

This is all I’ve read so far – I’m certain more will be posted soon and there may be dozen’s I just haven’t gotten to yet.

Back in April during the Health Activists Writer’s Challenge Month there was prompt that asked if I titled my posts before I wrote or if I titled them after. Normally I title them before because I have a specific thing I plan to write about. For this post I titled it “Freedom” because I had intended on writing about the fact that I dropped my Sweetstuff off at the movies without me – first time. I wasn’t worried about diabetes – I was more worried about her talking to strangers. It was great allowing her the freedom to grow up a bit and not worry about diabetes.

I was also going to write about the freedom a place like Main Event allows me to relax while knowing my kids are safe and entertained. I did touch on that but then I went a different direction – I shared posts regarding the Friends for Life conference. I was contemplating a change in title but realized it isn’t necessary. I haven’t been at the FFL conference since 2009 – but I do remember the sense of freedom I felt after each conference. Freedom to raise strong, healthy, amazing children with diabetes. The freedom to talk about diabetes, the freedom to admit that I do get overwhelmed, I do get sad, I do get very angry and freedom to admit I make mistakes and need help.

No title change necessary – I hope you check out the blog posts I’ve shared and find more and might share them with me in case I have missed them.



Thank You

Feeling Thankful Today

I know it is day 4 of the Diabetes Blog Week and I will get to my fantasy device post soon – I promise.

But first….

I have been crazy busy for the past 3 weeks trying to pull my house together and get it “show” ready so it can be put on the market. Not an easy feat for a uberdisorganized gal.

When we sold our last home my kids were 4 & 2 and my third was due to arrive in about 6 weeks. Our house was 1700sqft with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and no extra rooms. It took me a month to organize, clear out, clean and touch up our home to make it market ready.

Our current home is 3600sqft 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, office, game room, and formal dining room. My kids are now 12, 10 and 8 and have all the junk that goes with spoiled kids those ages. My kids are also attending school and it is the end of the year and everyone is demanding my time and energy. Not even mentioning the diabetes crud (well I mentioned it but I’m not going to highlight all the time, energy, and clutter it takes up). Also – hubby isn’t here – he is already in CA working so I am flying solo. – Oh and I am supposed to be house hunting online as well as finding, scanning and faxing or emailing documents hubby needs to purchase a new home.

I am NOT whining. I know we are blessed and this is a great adventure for us. The hard work is worth the new experiences we will enjoy. It is just all time consuming and I have found little time for myself these last few weeks – including time to browse twitter and blogs. I even missed DSMA live cant last night – still sad about that.

So this morning while drinking my 5th cup of coffee (don’t judge – recent studies show people who drink coffee live longer) I browsed twitter and caught up on some of my favorite blogs as well as a few new ones thanks to the Diabetes Blog Week List. It felt good to be among so many that I feel connected to even if Ive never interacted with them.  While browsing twitter I began thinking about  my first days on twitter. I was a newbie – virgin tweeter if you will. But I didn’t feel new for long. There were a handful (really more like an armful) of folks who welcomed me and made me feel like part of something great.

So this morning I want to thank those individuals who followed me before they really knew me – and continue to follow me despite that they now know me.

  • Kerri @sixuntilme – you are a blog goddess and all around fabulous person. You inspire, educated, entertain and support like no other.
  • Cherise @sweetercherise & @diabetessocialmed – you keep us in line, keep us united and keep us real – it helps that you are funny as all hell and offer endless encouragement.
  • Kelly @kellyrawlings – your support and advocacy are wonderful and you sent me my favorite mug – 😉
  • Marie @cellobard – there are not enough kind words in the English language for me to describe how much I care for you and your wonderful music – a few would be: brave, honest, kind, loving, inspiring, friend, and true.
  • Lea @luvleamum – first Dmama that I found and found me back on twitter – you make me smile
  • Tim @bleedingfinger – Ddad – you are just awesome
  • Penny @p_spore – you love Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups as much as me – that’s enough to make me like you lots – helps that you make me giggle too
  • Shannon @Shanmarengo – you are an amazing mom, friend, pwd, and fellow Texan – I am grateful for all your support and blog comments
  • Brian @bosh – you make me lol and you are the ultimate draw something Picasso (sorry I haven’t played in so long)
  • Jeff @betespora – you always find time to comment on my tweets and your encouragement as a pwd to me (a mom of cwd) makes me feel like I am doing something right
  • Sara @saraknic – you make me laugh
There are many many many more fantastically wonderful amazing pwd and parents of cwd that I follow & follow me back who provide me with hours of entertainment on twitter and in their blogs. My list could continue for pages if I listed everyone and how you all make my life more enjoyable and simply better.
Thank you DOC – all of you.

You’ve Got a Friend in Blogs

You’ve Got A Friend In Blogs

I am participating (well I’m going to attempt to participate) in the 3rd annual Diabetes Blog Week

Today’s prompt was to find a friend – in other words find a blog that I haven’t read before or have maybe read occasionally but want to read more frequently.

There are countless dblogs (well maybe not countless like Real numbers which are uncountable – learned that recently {sort of I still had to check if the uncountable numbers were real or natural} from a friend that makes my brain hurt with all her math jargon – what can I say I’m a sucker for nerd awesomeness).
Sorry – digressed –
My point is though that I could likely spend every hour of everyday for an entire month and not find, let alone read all the dblogs available on the net. Luckily a wonderful list has been compiled for me (yup it was made just for me – well also the other hundred or so people participating in this years Annual Diabetes Blog week THE list.
While pursuing the list I saw many of my favorite blogs as well as some that I forgot I liked because I am not an organized person and I don’t remember to bookmark them or better yet add a link to the blog(s) on my blog so I can find it easily and others can too. (I also have a hard time with run on sentences and too many parenthesis – admitting it is the first step to recovery) Thus – in addition to attempting to write each day of dblog week I will also be updating my blogroll on my blog. If you find my silly little corner here on the net and you have an awesome blog that I haven’t included in my blogroll please shoot me an email or send me a tweet so I can add you. On twitter I am momof2t1s – keeping it simple.

On to my post:
I just found Jen with BHS – thank you List. I’ve read Sarah’s blog before and enjoyed it each time but always forgot to bookmark. Alexis is a favorite of mine. Amber is a new one for me but I think we are going to be great friends – the other Amber I know seems to like me a bit.

Jen From Blue Heel Society I love this particular post – Don’t Quit – wish I had a cool teacher like Jen had.

Sarah/@SmartDpants I love this post by Sarah because she clearly feels my pain in regards to #5 – how difficult could it be to allow the meter to have the same information as the pump.

Alexis Nicole Chronicles of D-Boy and Ribbon I love this post because Alexis understand all that it means to be a mom to cwd – of course she is stressed and tired and angry but with all that she is able to keep humor center stage.

Amber Cliff Notes I clicked on this blog from THE List because I like the name Amber (a lot) and I knew the moment I started reading I was going to like both Amber and her blog. The pics are great and I can’t wait to check out the FB page. Turns out I was already following dear Amber on Twitter but I don’t recall ever visiting her blog – that doesn’t mean I hadn’t – it means I was either drinking heavily at the time or sleep deprived or distracted by unicorns dancing in my office – since I rarely drink I’d go with sleep deprivation which may or may not have included dancing unicorns.

I could spend hours clicking on blogs and reading my night away but I have pillows and bedding to stuff into vacuum bags so I can watch them squish down – I get a real kick out of suffocating my pillows – irony? (I still don’t know how to properly use that word – darn you Alanis!)

Last HAWMC Post

30 Days 30 Posts 3 days Late

Day 30 Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge

My last prompt was intended for May 1st but with all that has been happening in the last 2 weeks I fell behind. Catching up today with a final HAWMC post before a new challenge begins – looking forward to  Diabetes Blog Week

The prompt for May 1st was: Recap HAWMC. You did it! 30 posts in 30 days. Which was your favorite prompt? Which was the most difficult? Which ideas will you reuse? Who was your favorite fellow blogger?

First off – I loved that as a virgin blogger I took this opportunity to participate in the challenge. The prompts kept me focused and on task (mostly). I wrote posts that I might not have considered writing had I been going it alone during the 3 months of being a blog author.

My favorite prompt(s) – I have a hard time choosing one item over another – that’s why I take multiple friends with me when I go eat sushi.

  • Health Time Capsule – I loved this one because it encouraged me to think about what is important in my health and the health of my children. Health Time Capsule
  • Why I write – It made me really think about why blogging has been so important for me and thankful I finally got started – Why I write
  • Ekphrasis Post – well first off I learned a new word and I do love words. Second I got to discover flickr and what a neat site it is. Third – things just fit that day. Airplanes Elephants and Merry-Go-Rounds
  • 5 Dinner Guests – I loved this post because it happened and while writing it I got to relive that wonderful evening of love & laughter Dining with diabetes- served with a side of friends
  • Miracle Cure – this wasn’t so much a favorite prompt – more of a favorite post. I had thought about conjuring up some magic fairy farts to create a cure but in the end I recognized that there is no miracle cure – just hard working people. Exposed
  • My Happy Place – This was by far my most favorite prompt – it was from a list of early bird prompts that I received for registering early. I used it on a free choice day. I love my happy place not only because it makes me happy – because it takes away everything that isn’t happy. Ocean of tears
What prompt was most difficult?
My Dream Day – I hated this prompt. It made me realize I do have a little ‘selfish’ in me. I’m not sharing the link – you will have to look for it if you want to read it.
Which ideas will you reuse?
I liked contemplating the 5 challenges and 5 small victories – it was good to take inventory.
Favorite fellow bloggers? See above regarding favorite prompts.
Choosing a single prompt or post was too hard for me so choosing a favorite blogger would be impossible. Every blog I read was important enough for another blogger to write. Sure some are more entertaining, some are more honest, some are more educational – but I couldn’t tell you which blogger(s) are my favorites. I’m just grateful there are others who share.

Dinner With Schmucks

You Are Cordially Invited….

Day 20 Health Activist Writers Mont Challenge

5 Dinner Guests. Who are 5 people you’d love to have dinner with (living or deceased) and why?

I’ve had all day to consider this post. I considered going the ‘Jesus, Gandhi, Buda, Mohammad, & Abraham (the one with all the sons as apposed to the one with the hat)’ route but reconsidered. I have a great deal of faith but this isn’t a blog about my religious beliefs. Although I would like to take a quick moment to say that I believe “Faith is not the absence of doubt, it is the ability to believe in the presence of doubt” – read that quote somewhere, I should google it to site the source but I’m hanging on by a thread right now (exhausted) thus I will leave the googling to you. Let me also add that I respect all religious beliefs (or non-beliefs) and pass no judgment.

Digressed – sorry – moving on.

I also considered inviting key scientists and researchers from the past including; Fredrick Banting, John MaCleod, Charles Best, Alexander Fleming, and for fun, because I think he would be a riot Albert Einstein. (For non-diabetes readers the first three scientists discovered insulin) While I have a great deal of respect for these men I’m not entirely sure they would be the best dinner guests for me – I fear I would be lost in all the sciency stuff.

Next I considered a dinner with philosophers such as Plato, Socrates, Confucius, Galileo, and Aristotle. Again I have a great respect for the genius these men had – that same genius would likely be over my head without cliff notes to help me understand all they discussed. Although I am keeping Confucius on a stand-by list since I would like him to look at some fortune cookie fortunes I have received that begin with “Confucius says…” and ask him if they are accurate quotes.

Like I said I had all day to consider my dinner guests.

When it came down to it I have already had this amazing dinner with 5 fabulous people. The dinner was on a Friday evening here in Austin on March 30th. The guests included a JDRF Outreach Manager, a CDE (certified diabetes educator) extraordinaire, two fellow JDRF volunteers and also D-mamas (moms with a child who has diabetes) and the guest of honor – the DOC’s very own Kerri S. who was scheduled to give the keynote at the 2nd annual JDRF Type 1 Now Conference the next day.

I was so thankful to Amy (JDRF Outreach Manager) for inviting me to attend the dinner. I remember calling Amy giddy with excitement after reading that Kerri was going to be the keyone. I likely sounded like a child about to see Santa for the first time. I wasn’t alone in my giddiness – my good friend, fellow D-Mama and JDRF Kids Walk Volunteer Andrea was also as giddy. We were both huge fans of Kerri’s blog and could hardly believe we would get to enjoy a dinner with her.

Me and my two fellow D-mamas arrive to the restaurant first. While Amy had requested a table on the patio when she made the reservation, one was not available – no biggy Kerri was coming. Teresa (other Dmom), Andrea and I caught up on recent events, ordered beverages and relaxed. Shortly after we ordered our beverages Cassie arrived (CDE). As she pulled out her chair to join us I realized the placement of the table was not acceptable. The pathway between our table and the table behind ours was narrow even prior to Cassie being seated. The guests for the other table had not yet arrived, thus when they did arrive and someone was seated in the chair opposite Cassie the pathway (main thoroughfare for servers) would be reduced to approximately 6 inches. I tried to remedy the problem by moving a large floor plant over and then scootching our table over (management and servers alike gawked at us (me) while I was orchestrating the table move). Unfortunately adjusting the table location did not alleviate the poor logistics of the walk way. Amy and Kerri were due to arrive momentarily. I approached the manager ( the same one that had shook his head in my general direction during the table placement fiasco moments early) and pointed out the perceived problem. He concurred and assured me he would find us another table. (sadly – we could not take our waiter with us – I forget his name but I’m certain he would have been an ‘outstanding’ waiter)

Our new table – a secluded corner on the patio with a panoramic view of the hills. Well played Mr. Manager.

Amy and Kerri arrived, beverages ordered and conversation ensued. I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that in all the excitement of the pending conference, the view, and the table relocation we neglected to introduce ourselves to Kerri. Thus she was inclined to ask for introductions – sorry about that Kerri if you read this. We played round robin introducing ourselves, explaining our involvement with diabetes and discussed a possible unhealthy obsession with Justin Beiber (not me or Kerri just to be clear). Drinks arrived (mine was wrong – not that I would have cared – thus I was given a second one – score), we ordered dinners and spent the next two hours laughing, sharing, and just having a wonderfully good time.

It was an absolute pleasure to have met and shared a meal with one of the DOC’s celebrities and my good D friends. Maybe a dinner with spiritual leaders, philosophers, or brilliant scientists would be enlightening but I will always take laughter, support, and friends over enlightenment.

Hoping to meet up with more of the dfabulous DOCs at FFL this July.   

Membership Sucks but Members are GREAT

Price of Membership Sucks – but the members rule!

I still can’t get a minute on the laptop it seems except for late at night when my brain is fried. I had a different post in mind but then remembered I wanted to send an email to the monther of a newly diagnosed 2 yr old. I thought I would share my email.

Hi J. My name is Christina. I volunteer with the JDRF and was sent your contact information by A H who works for the JDRF. I have three children. Two of my children have Type 1. My youngest child was diagnosed (dxd) on Feb 7 of 2007 when he was only 2. It was the scariest time in my life. Nothing can prepare a parent for news like a diabetes diagnosis. However, as you can see we survived. My son, now nearly 8 (just celebrated his 5 year Dday anniversary last month) is thriving, happy, super smart and the most amazing child I know along with his two older siblings. My daughter who is also my oldest child was dxd on April 19, 2009 – two years after my youngest was dxd. She was 9. She is 12 now and beyond wonderful.
I had left you a voice mail but realized that I likely left said voice mail the very day you were taking your dear son (ds) home from the hospital. I remember when we left the Children’s hospital after my son’s diagnosis. Well – I remember that it was a blur. I remember going straight to the pharmacy to fill prescriptions, then everything is truly a blur. I remember fighting with the hospital staff telling them the day before that I couldn’t leave yet. They had wanted us to check out the day before. There was no way I was prepared to leave that safety bubble. They let us stay another night but nearly packed our bags for us the next day.
I know it may seem like it can’t possibly get better but it will. Right now you are likely a bit over whelmed with carb counting, shots, calculations (damn those math teachers telling us that we would need math one day), late nights, middle of the night checks (of course you are likely up feeding an infant too). You are likely sleep deprived, scared, angry and sad. I feel safe saying all this because I was there and I know so many others that have been there too and the story is ALWAYS the same. It will get easier. The basal doses (lantus) will level out, you will be able to carb count every plate in a busy restaurant, you will be able to recognize lows and highs with a corner glance at your ds. You will get to sleep again.
You are not alone and will never have to be alone. There are more of us out here than you can imagine (sad but true). There is a whole community online that will support you, help you, and encourage you. If you are interested in the diabetes online community (DOC) here are some helpful places to start:
Children with Diabetes is a fantastic organization that has online forums where parents share ideas, stories, questions, and support. (I love CWD and I read posts frequently. However, with any online group I suggest caution at first. Don’t share too much info first off. I read posts long before I posted simply because like any organization there are some bullies who think they know everything and don’t play nice with those who disagree with them. It is unfortunate but I felt I should give you the heads up. – Certainly not a reason to avoid the CWD forums – they have saved my butt a number of times with questions and answers, humor, knowledge, and support. I also made some of whom I consider my very closest D friends in the forums.) I am Beermargarhitamom in the cwd forums – long story regarding the username.
CWD also hosts a conference in Orlando in early July. It is called Friends for Life. I happened on it just after my ds was dxd and we were lucky enough to be in a financial position that we could attend. It was beyond wonderful. It there is any chance you would be able to attend this summer I would strongly suggest it.
The DOC on twitter is also amazing. If you are on twitter search #dsma to get started. They have lots of great tweets with links to wonderful stories, advice, education, and support. I am momof2t1s on twitter.
There are a great number of blogs written by parents of children with diabetes and adults with diabetes (diagnosed as children). Below are a few of my most favorites – I don’t get to read them every day but I try. I am a smarter more sane person because of the people behind these blogs.
Maybe I have over whelmed you with information. If so I am sorry. When my ds was diagnosed I had no one. Our local JDRF was not what it is today when we joined the D club. If it hadn’t been for me stumbling on the CWD website and conference I don’t know where I would be in this journey. It has taken me 5 years to be as involved as I am and I am not nearly as involved as others. I will be here to support you and your family to my best ability. I am available almost always. Text, call or email me if you want to talk, have a question I might be able to answer, want to scream, or want to laugh.
I am sorry you have joined the club. The price of membership sucks but the members are phenomenal.
Warmest wishes – huge hugs,