Pump Hiatus

Woo hoo! (Feeling excited but maybe guilty too) In early February my dd “sweetstuff” decided she wanted a break from her insulin pump. Trying to convince me she used the idea that she would have better control with shots because she wouldn’t have the freedom to eat whatever/whenever. As a … Not Bored Keep Reading

Membership Sucks but Members are GREAT

Price of Membership Sucks – but the members rule! I still can’t get a minute on the laptop it seems except for late at night when my brain is fried. I had a different post in mind but then remembered I wanted to send an email to the monther of … Not Bored Keep Reading

Mommmy gets an F on her report card

Worst A1Cs since diagnosis. Yup – it’s true. I suspected due a few recent infusion site failures, missed corrections, and missed meal boluses for both kiddos that we would indeed have higher A1C’s than we did in November. Once you factor in Thanksgiving and Christmas food consumption – time off … Not Bored Keep Reading

Juggling Hats

Not Enough time in the day or energy in my body. I started this blog because I wanted a place to share my thoughts and feelings regarding all that goes with being a parent of a child with diabetes. The thing is I’m not ONLY a parent of children with … Not Bored Keep Reading

A1C day is coming

One Week to A1C Day I know it isn’t a true indication of diabetes “Control” – scratch that – Management. What the heck is control anyway? A very cool, very smart, very funny man known as Diabetes Dad posted a funny on FB last week. I will copy it below but … Not Bored Keep Reading


WTH – my most frequently asked question. I’m still new at this blog thing – wish I could say I will be as diligent as my favorite bloggers and blog everyday but alas I am a mom of 3, wife, substitute teacher and not very organized regarding any of the … Not Bored Keep Reading

So much for not knowing what to write

So this is my third attempt at a blog. I started one years ago called Crazy is as crazy does but forgot my login and password after not having posted in over a year – so much for that – blogger couldn’t help me because I didn’t even remember what … Not Bored Keep Reading