You Are Enough For Me

What does insecurity cause? Fear Anger Depression Resentment I have been insecure with myself for nearly my entire life. I’ve rarely thought of myself as attractive or smart or funny or worth anyones effort. Insecurity leads to destructive behaviors and poor decisions fueled by fear, anger, depression and resentment. So … Not Bored Keep Reading

A Lesson In Parenting

Parenting lessons come at us in many ways. Some lessons are from friends or colleagues who have ‘been there, done that’. Some lessons are overt as with our own mothers or mother-in-laws that come to help with a new baby, especially the first baby. Some parenting lessons are learned by … Not Bored Keep Reading

Whack A Mole

When my kids were younger I would take them to Chuck E Cheese often. We lived in Texas and the summers were hot so the days we didn’t hang by the pool we would hang out with the mouse. Yes it was a petri dish of germs. No I didn’t … Not Bored Keep Reading

Wordless Wednesday

Yesterday April 1, 2015 was the first day of The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. I’m not starting out well for the challenge since I’m a day behind and it’s only day two. The challenge is to write using the 30 prompts provided. I also avoid selfies. I’m not feeling … Not Bored Keep Reading

The Butterfly Effect

A man allegedly committed felony assault and my daughter ended up in the ER in DKA (diabetes ketoacidosis). While this story will in no way be as sexy as the Ashton Kutcher movie The Butterfly Effect you may still want to grab some popcorn and a soft drink because it … Not Bored Keep Reading