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The following is a ‘blogroll’ – basically a list of awesomeness. If its listed here I read it – some more often than others. Why does it matter if ‘I‘ read it – it doesn’t – but you should. Sadly I’m not very organized so neither is this list – basically type 1 adult blogs (no not THAT kind of adult) are mixed with blogs written by parents of 1 or more kids with diabetes, there are also blogs written by those living with Type 2 or LADA. Basically we are all in this together and so are our blogs. – oh and for good measure I tossed in some other chronically fantastic bloggers that deal with other elephants.

Bloggers I’ve met

Brian – Not My Cell 

Katy – Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes

Scott – Scotts Diabetes

Wendy – Candy Hearts (don’t go here – some jerk stole Wendy’s link before she renewed the domain. if you do go there – tell the new owner they are a jerk)

Joanne – Death of a Pancreas

Karen – Bitter Sweet

Crystal – The Perfect D

Melissa – Sweetly Voiced

Moria – Despite Diabetes

Heidi – The D-Log Cabin

Richard – Richard’s Rambling Review

Briley – inDependence

Shannon – Neurotic City

Kerri – Sixuntilme

Sara – Moments of Wonderful

Kim – Texting My Pancreas

Chris – A Consequence of Hypoglycemia

Shannon – No More Shots for Shannon

Cassie – Stories I’d Tell At A Party  (not all Cassie’s stories are D related but neither are any of our stories IRF all D related)

Tom – Diabetes Dad

Bennet – YDMV – Your Diabetes May Very

Meri – Our Diabetic Life

Cherise – Sweet Cherise

Manny – Ask Manny

Kelley – Sugar’s the Bitch, Not Me

Tarra & Duchess – My Crazy Life With My Diabetic Service Dog

LeeAnn – The Butter Compartment

Kelly – Diabetesaliciousness

Shannon – Neurotic City

Mike – DiabetesMine (One of a number of great writers at DM)

Lora – My Diabetic Child


Bloggers I’d Like to Meet

Caleb – Type One Trio

Kate – Sweet Success

Laddie – Test Guess & Go

Jenn – Young, Fun and Type 1

Tim – Bleeding Finger

Heather – Sweet To The Soul (you should know Heather is Tim’s ^ better half)

Scott – Arden’s Day

Alexis – Chronicles of D-Boy and Ribbon

Cassie – KDA Not DKA

Scott – Rolling in the D

Alecia – Surface Fine

Katie – Diabetic Advocate

George – Ninjabetic

 C – C’s Life With D

Martin – Diabetically Speaking 

Jess – Me and D

Bob – T Minus Two

Mike – My Diabetic Heart

S – SmartDPants

Sarah –

Lorraine – This Is Caleb

Ashley – Tales Of SWAGing

Leighann – D-Mom Blog

Scott – Strangely Diabetic

Stacey – The Girl With The Portable Pancreas

Jacquie – Typical Type 1 Diabetic

Cara – Every Day, Every Hour, Every Minute

Bea – Cranky Pancreas

Marie – Joy Benchmarks

Jen – Blood, Sweat & Carbs

Laurel – Houston We Have a Problem 

Hallie – The Princess and The Pump

Leanne – Luvleamum

Jewels – She Sugar

Julie – The Persnickety Pancreas

Denise – My Sweet Bean and her Pod

Laura – Four Days to Two D

Nicole – We Cara Lot

Sara – Nita Cure

Lesley – Principles of Uncertainty 

Brea – Just A Sweet Teen Trying To Survive

Emily – Peace And Perspicacity

Sharon – 1 Bolus @ A Time

Stephen – Happy Medium

Reyna – Beta Buddies

Karen – Pancreastic Motherhood

Non-D Blogs Worth Reading because I love these people and EVERYONE is fighting a battle

Kim – Hope Wispers

Chris – Life Your Way

Kerri – Kerri On The Prairies (I’ve met Kerri and she is da-bomb.)

Jenn – B+ Mom (not so much a health activist – more like a realist with a potty mouth – I love her)

Pamela – Chronicles of a Dystonia Muse

6 Responses to Better Blogs

  1. Brea says:

    Hey, thanks so much for adding me to this list! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Moore says:

    As a middle child, I am deeply offended that Middles is stuck with the nickname “middles”. That’s a cop-out, chic. Next you’ll be giving all your christmas elves to Sweetstuff. Jeez

    • Christina says:

      The kids chose their own blog names. I asked Middles if he wanted to change it but he hasn’t decided. I don’t use their names so that they aren’t embarrassed later in life is someone googles them. Sweetstuff will not be getting all the elves. Currently there are only 2 elves. Im guessing the kid that takes me in when Im old and need my diapers changed will get the elves.

  3. katy says:

    I like how you organized this! Very clever.

    I’m looking now for your DSMA ‘Rents live episode. HELP.

    • Christina says:

      You should have seen it now after Meri posted it on FB. I really don’t think I shared my episode on my blog – likely a combination of feeling unworthy and hating the sound of my voice. I didn’t ask why you asked. I hope it is because you too will be on the show and perhaps you wanted to know what not to say. ;P

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