About Me

I am a mother of three wonderful children and wife to an amazing man.

Two all three of my kids have Type 1 diabetes.

As of right now June 2014:

Sweetstuff – My daughter 14 yrs old dxd at age 9 – pumping with TSlim

Middles – My middle child 12 yrs old – dxd Aug 2013 – pumping with Ping

Sugarboy – My youngest 10 yrs old dxd at age 2 – pumping with Ping

We have no history of Type 1 Diabetes on either side of our families.

Thank you for visiting – I do hope you will check out some of my posts and leave a comment or 7. It’s my favorite mail of the day when Im notified of a comment.

Also be sure to check out the page “Better Blogs” – it’s my blogroll – its my lifeline that tells me I’m not crazy or at least no more crazy than others who are in this club.

6 Responses to About Me

  1. Luciana Bini says:

    Hi there,
    I just came across your blog and for what I have been reading, I’ll add you to “my favorites”! I’ve been so overwhelmed in dialing with my 5 yr old twin girls’ diabetes that I felt I need more information and education about dealing with it so I don’t go crazy… Anyway, thanks for the blog and tons of information. Loved it!

    • Christina says:

      Hi Lucy. Im glad you found my blog. hopefully you found something here useful. Be sure to check out my blog roll listed under “better blogs” page. there are a number of really great blogs written by adults with diabetes (type 1, 1.5, LADA, and 2) as well as a number of wonderful blogs written by parents of kis with diabetes. Finding the lasted info about new technology, health discovers, and diabetes care is great – sometimes just finding an uplifting story or humorous story is equally as useful (sometimes more useful). Just know you are never alone and your girls will be awesome. Cheers.

  2. Julia says:

    Sounds like you have your hands full with 3 with D. Our DD dx’d at 8, now 16. I lived in the San Fran area for 3 years when I was single, Berkeley, then San Fran. Never felt like home, people nice but even the New Yorkers didn’t seem like New Yorkers. Moved back to New York but I will say for as long as you are there enjoy the beautiful weather and magnificent scenery. People were friendly just an area with a lot of people there temporarily. Still a nice place to live though. I miss it every year when the cold weather comes in.

    • Christina says:

      I feel very lucky to live here right now. Can’t imagine living anywhere else anymore. There are every type of people here. At first I thought most were snotty but now everyone seems really great. Maybe it ‘shy’ thing but then again I didn’t want to be here when I first arrived and I found fault with many things.

  3. Jo says:

    I like to thank you so much to give us informations about your experience with your children.
    I have a Daughter with now 8 years old and we discovered her diabetes type one when she was 4. It is so overwhelmed but with friends like you we can exchange experiences and feel more confidents.
    Thank you again!

  4. Tera says:

    Hi – I just wanted to leave you a message and say thank you for your blog. I was diagnosed with Type 1 at age 5 and am now 31 years old and married with two kids. It took me a loooooong time to get my health together, to care really (not until I met my husband, got engaged, and started talking seriously with him about what it\’s going to take to get me in shape to have babies) so I commend you for dealing with THREE teenagers with Type 1 all at the same time. Your posts remind me a lot of my mom… until I became a mom, I never really thought of it from her perspective (and once I did, I gave her a huge hug and apologized profusely for stressing her out all those years). I want you to know that after 25+ years with diabetes I lead a very happy and healthy life, my two children are perfectly perfect and healthy, and diabetes has never really stopped me from anything soooo keep doing what you\’re doing 🙂

    I started a blog when I first got pregnant in 2013 as a way to hold myself accountable for my diabetes… it was also a good place to vent because it wasn\’t easy. It has since morphed into my life as a stay at home with kids, but I do still write about diabetes when big things (like Baby #3) come up if you\’d like to check it out!

    Thanks again for your stories and experiences.

    -Tera ( http://www.littlesta.com )

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