Its Not Time To Blog

I was gonna write. But then this happened.

Photo on 6-29-13 at 9.14 AM #2And then this…

Photo on 6-29-13 at 9.14 AM #3Apparently my 17 year old best friend wants some attention. She took the above picture BTW as she laid down on my keyboard.

(The mess in the background is my family room and guest bedroom piled into my dining room while new flooring happens.)

Gonna get kitty a treat because even though I moved her off the laptop – she is only an inch away and looking at me with big (nearly blind) needy eyes.

Hope y’all have a fantastic day.



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Mom of 3 kids, all 3 have Type 1 diabetes - I blog to share stories. I am not a medical professional and my thoughts are my own. Please do not make changes to your medical care plan based on my stories - always consult your medical team. Hope you find something in my ramblings helpful and or amusing. You can find me on twitter @momof3T1s and on my Facebook page Stick With It Sugar. May all your dreams forever be bolus worthy.
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