Spare A Rose

Valentines Day is past. Candy is on clearance (now is a good time to stock up for lows and the inevitable emotional eating of chocolate). Hallmark is clearing out the shelves to make way for St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Mothers Day. By Sunday Valentines Day will be a warm memory for many. But today and tomorrow there is still an initiative happening that can make everyday a day of love and life for children around the globe with diabetes.


The goal – provide life for a child with diabetes via the Life For a child program through International Diabetes Federation. The initiative is Spare A Rose Save A Child. I will not be able to do the program justice as well as Kerri from Six Until Me has, thus please check out her post (by clicking the Spare a Rose link above) and click the links in Kerri’s post to help make the program successful.


About Christina

Mom of 3 kids, all 3 have Type 1 diabetes - I blog to share stories. I am not a medical professional and my thoughts are my own. Please do not make changes to your medical care plan based on my stories - always consult your medical team. Hope you find something in my ramblings helpful and or amusing. You can find me on twitter @momof3T1s and on my Facebook page Stick With It Sugar. May all your dreams forever be bolus worthy.
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3 Responses to Spare A Rose

  1. Scott K. Johnson says:

    Thanks for helping to spread the word!

    • Christina says:

      Sorry I was late to the show. Ive been sharing on FB and Twitter but blogging just hasn’t seemed to fit into my day. Thank you and everyone for getting this going and making it such a great program.

  2. Kerri. says:

    You are AWESOME – thank you for sharing this!!

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