Thursday Shout Out

So yesterday @saraknic author of Moments of Wonderful  shared her Wordless Wednesday post via Twitter. (Wordless Wednesday’s is when bloggers “only” post picture(s) – no text – on their blogs). @HenshawKim – new to blogging (1Type1) –  inquired as to what “Wordless Wednesdays” was. Sara was kind enough to share the themed day idea with her. Kim then asked what other theme days there were. I shared DSMA’s Blog Carnival with her but then also shared the following tweet: “On Thursdays it is #shoutout day – feel free to write all about me. (shhh Sara don’t tell her I made it up)” Of course I was having a go at Kim at the time, but all day today I was thinking “Why The Heck Not?”

Thus – today (possibly the last day of humanity on planet Earth due to large celestial bodies lining up and possibly disrupting/reversing Earths polarity or messing with gravitational pull causing climate chaos – but who’s worried?) The little voice inside my head just made the “Ahem” sound because I was straying from topic.

THUS – today I wanted to shout out to Tony @blogdiabetes. Tony produces podcasts dealing with diabetes and shares them on his blog Blogging Diabetes. Some of his podcasts are him sharing new technology, tips, tools, ideas and humor. Many of his podcasts include interviews with people prominent in the diabetes community, diabetes advocates, doctors, dietitians, fellow diabetes bloggers and more.

I had listened to a few of Tony’s podcasts back in the spring of 2012 but alas I got crazy busy preparing to move to CA and without daily reminders let the podcasts slip away. Recently something – and I don’t recall what or who – made me revisit Tony’s podcasts. His latest podcast (at that time) was an interview with Mike Lawson @MrMikeLawson @WSWCL  and I don’t miss an opportunity to hear Mike’s stories. He tells the best stories. After listening to Tony and Mike chat about diabetes, diabetes and dating, mirror mantras, the DOC (Diabetes Online Community), other great DOC peeps, and more I realized that I loved listening to others chat about all the things I care most about.

I normally listen to audio books while I clean house or take long drives. Listening to something while I clean improves my efficiency since I am less likely to be distracted by social media, the TV or my bed. Today I enjoyed listening to Tony discuss his experience with the Dexcom G4 CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitor) while running errands around town. Tony made standing in line at the post office a little less miserable.

So here it is my Thursday Shout Out is to Tony @blogdiabetes for his informative, insightful, and often humors podcasts. Thanks Tony – keep’m coming.

The Jacuzzi Bubble Bath Lesson

Yesterday I received my very own copy of Emotional Eating With Diabetes by Ginger Vieira. It was a long day and I felt as though I deserved a bath. Our home here in CA came with a jacuzzi tub and I have enjoyed it more than once. I had been using Bath and Body Works message oils in the tub. They are part of the Stress Relief line and left my skin soft and my mind clear, unfortunately I was out. Without considering the ramifications of using a bubble producing product in a bathtub with jets I poured in some bubble bath.

As I filled the tub there were a decent amount of bubbles and soft vanilla scent. When the water level was above the jets I turned on the jacuzzi motor and slid into a hot cozy bath with Emotional Eating with Diabetes in hand.

I wasn’t paying much attention to the bubble level as I was engrossed with Ginger’s excellent writing. However when bubbles began to reach the bottom pages of my book I was forced to take note.

I set my book aside and realized I may have learned the hard way not to use bubble producing products in a jacuzzi bath. By this time bubbles were going over the side of the tub. I pulled the drain and stood up covered in a thick lather of bubbles. Hopping from the tub I turned off the jets.

I thought maybe I could still enjoy a bath but what to do with all the bubbles? The tub water was gone but the tub was still FULL of bubbles. Thus I began to scoop. I filled both sinks with bubbles and then the entire floor of my shower 8 inches deep with bubbles – there were still more bubbles.

I swear it was like something out of an “I Love Lucy” episode. By the way I did all the scooping naked since there were no towels in the closet (censored in my crayon drawings of course). I didn’t get to take another bath. I was exhausted from washing mountains of bubbles down the sinks and wiping up massive amounts of bubbles from the carpeted floor. There were still bubbles in the shower this morning. Hoping Santa will take pity on me and fill my stocking with bottles of massage oils this year.

PS – I cannot draw well – I cannot draw on a computer at all. I did these embarrassing (both for the situation depicted and the lack of artistic ability) drawings in about 2 minutes while waiting for my soup to heat in microwave. I hope to learn to draw on the computer in 2013.

PSS – Not everything in life is about diabetes (ok I was reading a book about emotional eating and diabetes) – but it could have been any book.


Mom Im Out Of Insulin

I love Insulin Pumps. Insulin pumps make managing diabetes easier for me and my kids. We didn’t wait longer than was required by insurance to get insulin pumps for our kids. Sugarboy has been using an Animas pump since August of 2007 with no interruptions. Sweetstuff began pumping in August of 09 but took a short pump hiatus in the spring of 2012 before realizing managing her diabetes was easier with the pump – despite the fact that it didn’t look fantastic with skinny jeans.

Thus I have been a pump master for nearly 2000 days, which would equal roughly 666 infusion set and cartridge changes just for Sugarboy and another 400 for Sweetstuff – give or take the occasional 4 day site or lost site or questionable insulin cartridge.

With all this in mind – I would not expect my daughter to come into my room at 3:17am to tell me her pump won’t shut-up because she is out of insulin. I had just fallen back to sleep from a 2am blood sugar check. Alas – she hands me her pump and returns to her bed while I stubble downstairs to fill a pump reservoir. Trudge back upstairs and reconnect her pump while she slumbers away already fast asleep. (sleeping on her infusion set site BTW – which requires me to twist her around and fish around for her site – she slept through it all)

Did I say I would not expect it to happen? What I meant was it happens all too frequently with my dear daughter. Her pump is set to alert her to low cartridge at 20 units left. How often does she ignore this alert – too often.

Thus – Dear Animas, Would you consider in future pumps to include an option for low cartridge alert, very low cartridge alert, and a you’re gonna be in trouble with your mom alert.

Just an idea.

Don’t Mind My Voice

This year brought huge changes in my life – in my families lives. The biggest change for our family was a move across the country from Texas to California. For me the biggest change was becoming part of a larger community. Not a community connected by streets, courts, high school football games and the local Starbucks – a community connected by something much stronger – love, support, understanding, and a common goal – to end diabetes.

Don’t misunderstand me – the move from Texas to Cali was life changing. At times before and after the move I thought it would do me in. Luckily I have amazing kids who are resilient, a husband that devotes himself for providing what is best for all of us and again,  – a larger community of people in the DOC (diabetes online community) that helped me feel less alone.

This months DSMA Blog Carnival asks bloggers to write a 2012 in Review Post. click this link to learn more on how you can participate.

“Take a moment to reflect on diabetes in 2012 – on a personal level, on a community level, on a technological level, anything you can think of.  What things stand out to you the most?  What did 2012 and Diabetes mean to you?  You can even take the challenge one step further, and post a collage of your Year in Diabetes!” 

I have attempted to write this post a few times. It either got too wordy or didn’t share enough. Thus I thought I’d make a vlog. How difficult could that be? Well it was a lot more difficult than I anticipated. Technological difficulties using my photobooth application on my apple computer left me frustrated – it looked like a poorly dubbed kung-fu movie. After I finally got a video recorded and tried to load it was told it exceeded the maximum size for my blog. ARGGGG – here is where YouTube comes in.

Warning – I write like I talk and I talk like I think – thus I ramble.

Thanks for checking my first vlog out. HERE

I Don’t Want to Know His Name

This morning I woke up early. I drank coffee. Reviewed my kids homework – may have even circled some spelling errors for them to fix.

Around 6:45am California Time I woke up my kids, asked them to get dressed and made breakfast. Just 15 minutes early 3000 miles away gun shots were heard in an elementary school.

At 7:45am CA time I drove my daughter to school. I criticized her for forgetting her guitar. She left my van annoyed with me although we both still said “love you”. At about the same time in Connecticut groups of students were being led out of their school but many were not able to leave.

At 8:30am CA time I dropped my boys off to school reminding them to wear their jackets at recess. At the same time across the country news feeds were reporting multiple deaths, including children at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT.

At 9:00am I put on my new blue scarf for Blue Fridays and made my first ever Vlog. I was excited I completed it. Even tweeted I had done it but didn’t know how to upload it to my blog. I hadn’t watched the news. I hadn’t seen the tweets. I hadn’t seen the Facebook posts. To me it was a good day – a Blue Friday and I had a new scarf and a new video to post to my blog. I was off to have coffee with another D-mom. It really was gonna be a great day.

At about 10am CA time I was stopped at a red light. I checked out twitter. I saw tweet after tweet about a shooting. I missed the green light. I sat through it. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. My heart sank. My knuckles turned white as I gripped the steering wheel angry and sad at the same time. I arrived at Starbucks and sat in my van for a couple of minutes. I watched people come and go with coffee and scones – laughing, texting, talking. Life continued here. No parents here were rushing to a horrific scene of children in tears – in shock. I went inside to meet the other d-mom. We ordered drinks and found comfy chairs to sit in. She asked if I was getting adjusted to CA. I said yes, it’s better, I’m better. I wasn’t fully there though – in the coffee shop. I was in a classroom with terrified children. Our conversation moved on and I slowly returned to the coffee shop and my latte.

At 11am CA time I got a call from my middles. He had forgotten his library books. If I didn’t bring them he wouldn’t get to participate in fun Friday. Normally I would say “sorry you need to be more responsible”, today I said “I will bring them. I love you.”

After running home to fetch the books and then dropping them at the school I came home and began reading all the news about the tragedy. I noticed the shooters name was mentioned multiple times in many of the articles. That’s when I realized I don’t want to know his name. I don’t want to know about him. I want to know the victims names. I want to hear how wonderful and full of light they each were. I want to remember them not him. I realized today that I know too many names of killers; Timothy McVeigh, Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Wade Page. I don’t want to know these names – Id rather remember the victims and celebrate their lives.

Couldn’t we all agree not to use the shooters name. From what I have read the killer is dead. There will be no trial. Of course stories and reports will still need to come. Families will want answers. Couldn’t we just call him the Sandy Hook Shooter – not use his name. I don’t want to know it. I don’t want to remember it.

My deepest prayers and sympathy go out to all the families of Sandy Hook elementary. There is no greater loss than the loss of a child. I am so sorry for this and too many other tragedies like it.

Are you a Solostar

I received an email from a casting director in New York that has been hired to find real people living with Type 2 diabetes who currently use Lantus as part of their daily diabetes management.

I have had the great pleasure of getting to know many people in the Diabetes Online community living well with Type 2 diabetes. Perhaps some of you would like an opportunity to put a real face with one of the medicines that allow PWD to live well with diabetes.

Please check out the following information – time is short I believe the deadline is tomorrow (Monday Dec 10th).



Men & Women, Ages 40 – 55, who are living with Type II Diabetes

and currently using Lantus. IDEALLY, Lantus Solostar Pen

(but open to those using insulin syringe) All shapes, sizes and ethnicities welcome! SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS

• EMAIL: 3 or more pictures of yourself to
full length & close up – They do NOT need to be professional – candids are fine.

• TELL US: Do you currently use Lantus for your Type II Diabetes? Do you use the Solostar Pen, or insulin syringe, or other?

• BE SURE TO INCLUDE: Your full name, age, where you live, and contact email/phone EMAIL SUBMISSION DEADLINE:

Monday, Dec. 10th, 2012

MORE INFO: (If selected)

SHOOT DATE: Thursday, December 20, 2012 LOCATION: New York City



*we will cover your travel and accommodations if you live outside of NY*


page1image11776 page1image11936 page1image12096 page1image12256 page1image12416

Questions? Contact Kaia via Email @ or phone: 718.218.8001

Not You Too

Checking out of the grocery store today the cashier commented on the 6 packages of juice boxes I had, asking if they were for a school party. I don’t normally volunteer Diabetes information – wait yes I do. Anyway I replied that I had two kids with Type 1 Diabetes and  juice is medicine in my house. The young man bagging my groceries asked me when my kids were diagnosed. I shared their ages and he shared he was diagnosed when he was 13 months old. Wow that’s young. I noticed he wasn’t wearing any emergency alert identification and pointed it out. He said his always broke so his mom stopped buying them. That made me sad. Then I asked if he was pumping. He said “No I do the daily shots, my Endo says my diabetes isn’t bad enough for a pump.” HUH WTH? An endo said this? A person with Type 1 believed this to be true – that the pump = the bad diabetes? Up till this encounter earlier today I thought only non-diabetes educated people viewed the pump as a last resort for the bad diabetes. If we can’t educate PWD properly how can we hope to educate those with no connection to diabetes properly.

I didn’t (or hope I didn’t) let on that his words stung. I just told him that both my kids use insulin pumps because it makes managing diabetes easier for all of us but that many PWD prefer MDI. I told him that I believe it is about personal choice rather than good/bad diabetes management.

I was just surprised to hear that an endocrinologist would tell a patient that an insulin pump is prescribed to patients with poor control or the “bad” diabetes and also that a person with diabetes would believe it.


How Many Carbs in Sugar Coating?

Diabetes sucks but so does tripping yet it’s hilarious when someone trips (without being injured) and someone else asks “How was your trip?”

Sometimes Diabetes plays nice, other days not so much. Somedays I want to scream, cry, punch things (basically throw a temper tantrum). Then there are these moments, brought to you by my kids.


Me in car: “Sugarboy can you please check your sugar?” I hear the familiar sounds of him unzipping his D-bag, cocking his lancing device and the click of the finger prick. Then I hear Sugarboy say: “I’m bleeding!”


Sweetstuff after school in car: “I feel low. I’m gonna test. I’m 125 but I feel like 54. ” Me: “why 54?” Sweetstuff: “Why not?”


Sugarboy running through the house shirtless (but wearing green lantern cape) with a sword. Me: “Sugarboy have you put up your clean clothes?” Sugarboy (drops to floor moaning): “I feel low.” Recognizing the ploy I don’t rush to get his meter but I do get it and check him. Sugarboy: “What am I at?” Me: “You are 183, go put your clothes up.” Sugarboy: “Why am I only low when I WANT to do something?”


Sweetstuff: “I’m starving. Can I have some food?” Me: “Dinner is in an hour.” Sweetstuff “But I’m starving now.” Me: “could you be low, maybe check your sugar.” Sweetstuff: “Just because I’m hungry doesn’t mean I’m low. Why is it always diabetes with you?” Me: “you’re right you could just be hungry. So check your blood sugar and then have a small snack.” Zip, Beep, Click, Click, Beep Beep. Me: “So what’s your sugar?” Sweetstuff: “43. Shut up.”


After a recent argument with my dear daughter regarding homework. She asked me not to point out the obvious that if she had just done the assignment earlier she wouldn’t be stressed. My response was this:

It was hard for her not to crack a smile – she is fluent in sarcasm as well.


Diabetes likely provides more opportunities for frustration than fun so when there are giggle moments with Diabetes I savor them. 




Best Betes Blogs

What is the end result of a fabulous Diabetes meet-up aside from love and laughter?

A suggestion, nay request that I host the Best Betes Blogs for November. What could I say after Sara brought me a bottle of sand and shells from Florida. I didn’t realize what a fabulous honor and treat it would be to host. Imagine how thrilled I was to receive over two pages of nominated blogs. For an undisclosed amount of time (wouldn’t want ya thinking hosting takes up too much of your time) I laughed, cried and had to fight off feelings that I’m certain even Dr. Bruce Banner would have succumbed to.

Enough of my rambling – on to the winners of the November Best Betes Blogs

Best Use of Humor

If diabetes had an address I’d like to send some hate mail. Life: One unit at a time

Best Vlog

I’ve always believed that PWD and those who love PWD are the bravest, smartest, funniest and most awesome people – clearly PWD also make great poets. Dorkabetic

Best Recipe

YUM! You had me at “The summer of tomatoes” A Girls Reflections 

Best Use of Photography

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing a family coming together to support one another while building diabetes awareness. The We Cara Lot Blog

Best Advocacy

I’m not sure who said it but someone once said that more people fear public speaking than death. This little man with the support of his mom wasn’t afraid. Type 1 diabetes 365 and here (to watch the presentation) Kuddos Craig!

Best Story of a D Meet-up

Social Media brings people who may have previously felt isolated together – and not only to sing 80’s music together – although I personally believe singing 80’s music together is reason enough. Simon at Simon From the 70’s

Best non-D Related Post

In the Diabetes Online Community we come together to celebrate diabetes success, learn new diabetes management tricks, and share diabetes frustrations – BUT if I’ve learned anything it isn’t always about diabetes support – it is just about support. George at Ninjabetic 

Best Post by a Type 1

Not to scare off any potential BBB hosts but this category was truly difficult to pick a winner. If it were allowed there would be at least a four-way tie. Alas – I was given permission for a two-way tie. I must have read each of the posts submitted a half-dozen times – yes it was that hard to choose.

The questions we all get asked and the decisions regarding how much to share. Nikki at Celiabetes 

Diabetes fights like a jealous sibling or pet when baby comes home. Jacquie at Typical Type 1

Best Post by a Type 2

This post surprised me. As a parent of two kids with Type 1 I always feel people with Type 2 get all the attention via mainstream media. To an individual everything is perception but perception isn’t everything – look closer. That’s what I learned from this post. Sue at RFamHere’s Ramblings

Best Post by a Type Awesome

Courage – she’s got it. Insulin Resilience

Best Post by a LADA/Type 1.5/Not otherwise specified

I’m NOT trying to plug my blog here I just feel the need to say – Stick with it sugar, it never gets easier – you get better. Katie at 1 Little Prick

Best story of a D-mistake

When I got to this category I must say I wasn’t feeling a lot of love for a certain someone. Asking me to choose a winner with so many great nominations was asking a bit much. Thus again I narrowed it down to two and considered flipping a coin but luck isn’t what makes these bloggers so fabulous – it is the ability to act in the presence of fear, recognize that we learn from our mistakes, and to take each day with a spoon full of sugar  – or a whole lot of fast acting carbs when needed.

Lea at Luvleamum

Bram at Trained by Insulin

Best Motivational Post

When reading this post I was thinking about the courage post listed above and my favorite quote about courage – “Courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to act in the presence of fear” Mikes guest post on Diabetes Mine

Best Diabetes Art

Don’t eat Dr. Banting! Wendy at Candy Hearts

Congratulations to all of November’s Best Betes Blogs Winners. Please grab this button to use on your blog if you would like.

Thank you to all those who nominated posts this month and congratulations to those who were nominated.

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