Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s off to Wisconsin We Go

I am participating in the Wego Health National Health Blog Post Month Challenge.

Todays prompt suggestions were:

News-Style Post – seriously? I can barely put a coherent thought together in first person. Although I’ve read a number of News-Style posts today that were fabulous. See a couple of them Here and Here.

I grabbed a prompt from the Bonus list for today.

Write about what it’s like to travel with ‘your’ condition.

On Friday my dear daughter and I will hop a jet plane to WI for my older sisters 40th birthday celebration. It will be a quick trip Friday – Sunday but at least I get to see my sister and Sweetstuff gets to see her twin cousins that are only 2 days younger than her. We are very excited.

Traveling with diabetes isn’t the easiest task. There are so many variables to consider.

Packing – how much diabetes crud to take

  • infusion sets
  • insulin, pump cartridges
  • batteries {yes there are batteries in WI but the pump or meter might go low in route}
  • test strips
  • glucose tabs
  • ketone strips
  • glucagon emergency kit
  • extra meter
  • fast carb snacks
  • carb free snacks
  • juice boxes {yes TSA loves this}.

Adjusting pump settings for extended sitting while in the air – how far in advance do we set temporary basal rates?

Since I am leaving Sugarboy at home with daddy I also need to consider what to have prepared for them. I will need to do an infusion set before I leave since my little guy prefers I do them rather than his dad. I’ll need to be sure an extra glucometer is in daddy’s car in case they leave without Sugarboy’s meter (happens more often than he’d like to admit).

Once we are packed there is the ordeal at the airport to deal with. TSA rules have changed many times since the kids started pumping. It used to be the kids had to leave the pumps on and walk through metal detector, thus alarming it and then the kids and I would get pat downs. Then we started removing pumps prior to walking through the metal detector and asking the pumps to be hand inspected which involved some type of swabbing with a small square of cotton. There have always been some TSA agents who try to insist that the pumps can go through the xray machine – NO THEY CANT. Most recently I had my kids take the pumps off at SFO and asked the TSA agent to hand inspect them. This resulted in a full pat down for me and full inspection of my luggage. Then they wanted to put the pumps in this weird machine (looked like a centrifuge) I DONT THINK SO! 35 minutes later of arguing we left TSA behind but only after TSA told me I should leave the pumps on the kids since they are under 17 they wouldn’t even get a pat down. Moral – every airport is different.

The juice boxes are treated differently at each airport too. Sometimes I’m allowed 2 for each kid, sometimes I’m allowed 4 each. Sometimes TSA agents want me to open a juice box – HUH?

Traveling with diabetes can be a real pain in the finger* but with proper planing and lots of “roll with it” attitude it isn’t terrible.

Note the sign above my dear daughter. This is in the Milwaukee airport.

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4 Responses to Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s off to Wisconsin We Go

  1. mary says:

    I am worried about taking my son on an airplane trip. I’m looking ahead at a trip to Disneyland in 2 years(when he turns 5) and am thinking the train would not only be a fun experience, but also have a lot less security hassles! 🙂

    • Christina says:

      Ive always wanted to take my kids on a train. I took one from WI to Delaware (couldn’t remember state abbreviation – not as smart as a fifth grader). It was a great experience. As far as being worried about flying with D – you don’t need to be. Preparation is key and there are so many of us that can help you prepare. Ive flown with my kids and D multiple times a year (family all over the dang country) and yes there have been some hiccups but nothing that ruined the fun of the trip. You have lots of time to figure it out with your trip so far away. I would like to suggest though that maybe consider Disney World in July. There is a conference each July ‘Friend for Life” sponsored by the Children with Diabetes/Johnson and Johnson folks. Most amazing place on the planet to meet and interact with other adults with diabetes and whole families with children with diabetes. Cheers.

  2. kerri says:

    Recombobulation area is the greatest sign I have ever seen. I need to go to Milwaukee just for this.

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