First Ones Free

Day 5 of National Health Blog Post Month

Hi my name is Christina and I am a Health Activist. I started out sharing just a couple of thoughts a month. It was easy really, someone would say something stupid and I would react. Then I found that I wanted to share more. I tried to control it. Tried to be just like everyone else. Every time I thought I had a handle on my sharing something would cause me to spiral into sharing sprees; a few extra highs or lows – that’s all it took and Id be off my wagon and up on my soap box again.

Talking to friends was just the gateway. After awhile it wasn’t enough to only share with friends. I craved sharing all the time. I’d respond to blog posts just to get a fix. I’ve tried to get others hooked to. Asked friends to ‘share’ stuff on their pages – first ones free. Sometimes my activism really angered people. Once I received an email asking that I remove a person from my email list. That was hard, so hard that it made me share more.  I have even been ‘unfriended’.

It wasn’t enough sharing with adults. I moved on to kids. Get’m hooked when their young – that’s the key. I’ve spent 100’s of hours sharing with entire schools of kids. The kids are an easy sell and always seem to want more. Even the 1000’s of kids I’ve shared with still wasn’t enough. I need a daily fix now, sometimes even 2, 3, 10 or more times a day I’m sharing – blogs, twitter, Facebook, emails… the internet enables so much sharing.

One day I hope to break the habit. One day I hope to climb down from my soapbox with no more words to share. One day.

Today’s post was “Health Activist Soapbox”

Every wonder why health activists climb up on their soapbox’s so often?

Because if we drop the soap – well you know the cliché.

About Christina

Mom of 3 kids, all 3 have Type 1 diabetes - I blog to share stories. I am not a medical professional and my thoughts are my own. Please do not make changes to your medical care plan based on my stories - always consult your medical team. Hope you find something in my ramblings helpful and or amusing. You can find me on twitter @momof3T1s and on my Facebook page Stick With It Sugar. May all your dreams forever be bolus worthy.
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One Response to First Ones Free

  1. Chris Dean says:

    LOVE this post!
    I’m as hooked as you are, ya darn pusher woman. Just do me a favor…don’t ever stop! *grin*

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