Wordless Wednesday Take 2

My Sweetstuff with Dakota (Her American Girl Doll)

Dakota is wearing a pump and pump pack sent to me two years ago from a pharma company – normally comes on a stuffed monkey but the company was generous and sent me just the pump and case for Sweetstuffs doll.

Love that my dear daughter does not think of herself  too old to play with dolls. Of course I wasn’t allowed to post to instagram where many of her friends follow me.

*Yes Im that cool ‘mom’.


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Mom of 3 kids, all 3 have Type 1 diabetes - I blog to share stories. I am not a medical professional and my thoughts are my own. Please do not make changes to your medical care plan based on my stories - always consult your medical team. Hope you find something in my ramblings helpful and or amusing. You can find me on twitter @momof3T1s and on my Facebook page Stick With It Sugar. May all your dreams forever be bolus worthy.
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  1. Lea says:

    Your daughter is adorable! We love American girl too

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