Wordless Wednesday

I was tagged in a photo on Facebook today.

I assure you I wasn’t the cause of my dear friends ANGER. Her anger is directed at cancer and a life taken too soon. Anger manifests in many forms – tears, pain, and anxiety to name just a few. It isn’t easy to let go of especially when it is wrapped up in sadness. I had suggested my friend try to get down to the beach (closest one is 4 hours south) – write her thoughts in the sand and let the waves take them away – see here. She wasn’t able to get to the beach but it has been like a monsoon here in the Austin area the last 2 days. My friend took the opportunity to write her feelings in the mud collecting in her yard. It seems fitting – the pain and anger that attacks us after the death of a loved one can not be taken away easily or quickly. It is will be slow process of healing but I hope with each drop of rain my friends anger will lessen just a bit.

BTW- I suck at wordless anything – this is as wordless as I get.

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  1. Chris Dean says:

    Sand and beautiful. Please tell your friend she is not alone. If all the tears shed by those who lost a loved one to cancer were collected in one place, we’d be able to set sail on it. *hugs*

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