Wordless Wednesday


Yesterday April 1, 2015 was the first day of The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. I’m not starting out well for the challenge since I’m a day behind and it’s only day two. The challenge is to write using the 30 prompts provided. I also avoid selfies. I’m not feeling … Not Bored Keep Reading

The Butterfly Effect


A man allegedly committed felony assault and my daughter ended up in the ER in DKA (diabetes ketoacidosis). While this story will in no way be as sexy as the Ashton Kutcher movie The Butterfly Effect you may still want to grab some popcorn and a soft drink because it … Not Bored Keep Reading

Stream of Consciousness


I’m a mom with three kids with diabetes. It is a thankless job. A job that comes with many arguments, tears and fears. A job that requires a lot of attention much of the time and a still a job that requires me to back the hell off much of … Not Bored Keep Reading

I Wasn’t Talking To You


Having multiple kids with diabetes can be a real challenge. <<<< Biggest understatement ever.   Someone is always high or low or out of insulin or needs a site change or can’t find their meter or forgot to dose for a snack or has a low battery in a diabetes … Not Bored Keep Reading

I’m just here for the gloves.


It is 2015 and just so there is no confusion later this really is the year Marty came to in the future. Although that has absolutely nothing to do with this post. Honestly it has nothing to do with anything but somehow that picture has shown up on my Facebook … Not Bored Keep Reading

Purple Because Aliens Don’t Wear Hats


If you accidentally bolus 25 units of insulin when only 3.5 units were needed and each unit of insulin will reduce blood sugar by 50 points while every 10 grams of carbs would normally require 1 unit of insulin and your blood sugar was 300, keeping in mind fast acting … Not Bored Keep Reading