Not Found Dead With A Toilet Brush

Seriously I should have paid much closer attention in chemistry class. Ok, I should have paid some attention in chemistry class. Is it really common knowledge that ammonia and bleach create a toxic gas that can kill? Surely not every single other adult knows this except me, right? Damnit. So … Not Bored Keep Reading

Use Your Words To Protect Health Care

Did you know that liquid DayQuil is an excellent chaser for Robitussin? Day 4 of a cold that won’t quit. Day 2 of Diabetes Blog Week. I worked all day teaching a classroom of kindergartners and explaining to them for the second day that I couldn’t high-five, shake hands, or … Not Bored Keep Reading

I May Owe Him My Daughter’s Life

As a parent of a child (ok multiple children) with diabetes there are times when I have missed small hour alarms and slept through the night after some major correction bolus at bedtime only to wake in a startled panic holding my breath until I see my child breathing the … Not Bored Keep Reading

Primum Non Nocere

When we embark into the realm of social media we leave ourselves vulnerable to the harbingers of doom as well as to other more sinister types of people. Harbingers are not to be confused with trolls – folks who intentionally set out to cause disruption and chaos. Harbingers are not … Not Bored Keep Reading

It’s The Difference Between a Flip Phone and a Smartphone

Hey there. I’m still here in the bathtub. Sorry – elementary school teacher in me sneaking out referencing a children’s book of poems. I can’t remember the last time I wrote, and I’m too lazy to click back on archived posts – Im guessing the last post would be archived … Not Bored Keep Reading

I Get It Wrong Often

Last night my Middles, (13 year old teen boy) was over 400 before going to bed. He was 238 before dinner and bolused (used his insulin pump to deliver insulin into his body) for dinner with extra insulin to correct the high. That was 4 hours before he was going … Not Bored Keep Reading