Purple Because Aliens Don’t Wear Hats


If you accidentally bolus 25 units of insulin when only 3.5 units were needed and each unit of insulin will reduce blood sugar by 50 points while every 10 grams of carbs would normally require 1 unit of insulin and your blood sugar was 300, keeping in mind fast acting … Not Bored Keep Reading

Parenting In The Time of Smartphones


I was against smartphones for the kids. Truly I was. I thought no good would come of it. There is so much danger to be found in a device that basically holds all the world’s knowledge, countless cat videos (as well as many not so innocent or entertaining), and all … Not Bored Keep Reading

Size Matters


Last night around midnight I woke to check Sugarboy’s blood sugar. He uses the Animas Ping pump with Ping meter. The Ping meter uses the One Touch Ultra test strips. We have been using the Ping and One Touch Ultra meters for over 7 years. We love the Ping and … Not Bored Keep Reading