I advocate Therefore I Am

Warning – this post is 1270+ words. normally I would toss in some random cat pics but honestly I don’t want to take away from the message. I thought about changing the font randomly but that just seemed silly. Its wordy but in my very humble opinion worth it. Who … Not Bored Keep Reading

Roses are Red Violets are Blue You can Save a Child Too


Last year some very wise and humble members of the Diabetes Online Community (Kerri Sparling, Bennet Dunlap, Kelly Close, Manny Hernandez, Adam Brown,  and Jeff Hitchcock) started something. It is called Spare a Rose, Save a Child. The campaign runs Feb 10th to Feb 16th and helps support the Life of a … Not Bored Keep Reading

There Are No Strangers In The D World

photo 1

Monday I discovered my little dog had a terrible infection on one of his rear legs. Required emergency surgery to remove dead and infected tissue. On Tuesday I needed to have Sugarboy in Palo Alto to start the second part of the study he is participating in. On Wednesday the … Not Bored Keep Reading

oh F***


I’m torn. Really seriously torn. I want to give these kids kudos. I want to congratulate them and wish them luck at the Grammies. I want to thank them for raising awareness about the dangers of sugars and how eating unhealthy can/will lead to obesity and other health issues. The … Not Bored Keep Reading

Supportive Friends & Stupid People (Guest Post)


My dear daughter shared a story with me. It was a good story so I asked her if she would like to share it with the community via guest post. I was surprised when she said yes because honestly lately she hasn’t wanted to talk much about diabetes. That being … Not Bored Keep Reading

Staying Emotionally Safe


I don’t share my kids real names here or on Twitter or on Instagram. I want to keep my kids safe. Not just physically safe from predators and the like but also emotionally safe and preferably not searchable via web searches. I’m not alone. Many parent bloggers and PWD who … Not Bored Keep Reading